WWE SmackDown - 3 Possible surprises - The Bloodline to be challenged by a legendary faction?

Roman Reigns and Logan Paul will come face-to-face this week
Roman Reigns and Logan Paul will come face-to-face this week

There is only one episode of WWE SmackDown to go before Extreme Rules comes around. Hence, this is a special show. It is the season premiere episode, meaning that a lot could happen in over two hours.

Surprises are almost guaranteed on this week's WWE SmackDown because the stakes have never been any higher. We have to imagine that there needs to be more buzz going into the Extreme Rules pay-per-view. Thus far, it's been a little subdued.

But more importantly, every television show needs to start its new season with a bang. Whether it is The Walking Dead or Cobra Kai, every premiere episode needs to give the audience a reason to support the franchise for the subsequent run with compelling content.

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So, here are 3 surprises that could potentially transpire on this week's WWE SmackDown. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know if you'd like to see one or more of these transpire. Also, share your own list of surprises in the comments section.

As always, a disclaimer before we begin, these surprises are not set in stone. These are just recommendations from this humble wrestling fan. One hopes they will happen, but there's always a possibility that they won't.

#3. Logan Paul gets Jake Paul to officiate the big upcoming match

Love this πŸ™πŸΌ @JohnCena…

Jake Paul is as big a social media influencer as his brother is. He is also a big wrestling fan. Considering he will come off a huge fight over the weekend prior to Crown Jewel, WWE may be tempted to bring him on board for the Premium Live Event.

Nobody in their right mind expects Roman Reigns to lose his Championship to Paul. But what if we find out that Logan Paul's brother Jake has been hired by Triple H to officiate the big match? Then, suddenly, the underdog is the favorite.

Logan Paul can show off his wealth on WWE SmackDown and say he's been pulling strings backstage for the same. It could even lead to a Triple H vs. Roman Reigns feud down the line (much like Austin vs. McMahon dominated our TV screens).

#2. Max Dupri finally becomes LA Knight. Dummy yeah!

Yeah! All the dummies in the house for E-Li-Drake and LA Knight can rejoice. Going by the events of the past few weeks, Dupri is ready to shed his Maximum Male Model skin and slip into one of his previous iconic gimmicks. It will most likely be LA Knight considering Triple H was in charge and this was his NXT character.

The man who was once considered the successor to The Rock may be ready to assume his throne once more. All the dummies will then be called out. Yeah.

What a relief this may be for WWE SmackDown fans worldwide.

#1. Could DX send a video message to The Bloodline on WWE SmackDown this week?


D-Generation X could show up on RAW and say their catchphrases and leave. Or they could challenge The Bloodline on WWE SmackDown and really shake things up for good.

When Roman Reigns comes out to proclaim that The Bloodline is the greatest faction in history, Triple H and all his cohorts could object. This could simply happen through a pre-recorded video message.

We need all the nostalgia acts we can get for Saudi Arabia, right? We know who Roman Reigns is facing, but could The Usos potentially take on Shawn Michaels and X-Pac, who could probably still go for a few million dollars?

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