WWE SmackDown: 5 Ways that Liv Morgan could return after her emotional breakdown

We all saw what happened with Morgan during the show
We all saw what happened with Morgan during the show

Liv Morgan was a part of the Riott Squad during her time on RAW. During the Superstar Shake-Up, it was announced that she would be separated from the pack, seemingly to start her career as a singles star on SmackDown.

However, while it seemed great on paper, she kept missing TV week after week, while the online support for her did not really waver. And this week, after a war of words with Charlotte Flair, during the open forum hosted by Shane McMahon, it seemed like it would signal a new beginning for Morgan.

Bear in mind that she had her meltdown after suffering a loss to Charlotte Flair. Also note that she said that 'Charlotte was right' and when she returned, she would be real.

I suppose this is what she could mean through this rather interesting segment.

#5 No Riott Squad music

The first thing a lot of us noticed when Liv Morgan came out to compete was that she was using her old music. This is a very odd thing because she is no longer a part of the Riott Squad anymore. She is on a different brand at the moment and it is clear that the company has different plans for her.

Maybe what Morgan means is that when she does return, it will be in a repackaged avatar with brand new music. This needs to happen for sure, because every time you hear the Riott Squad theme, it's impossible to imagine her as a standout singles character.

Imagine if Braun Strowman were still using the Wyatt Family music every time he stepped out to compete in the ring. Not only would it have confused the fans, it wouldn't have gotten him over to the degree that he has.

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#4 No blue tongue/pink hair

The professional wrestling industry is booming at the moment, and the need for every Superstar to stand out from the multitude of talents in the WWE roster is immense indeed. Liv Morgan had a unique thing going with her look. Her pink hair, as well as her blue tongue, ensured that she had a distinct identity on RAW.

But because she says that she needs to be real, maybe what is going to happen is that she will drop this look and get set for a complete reboot, in a sense. This would not be unlike Carmella going in for a different look when she went babyface and allied herself with R-Truth.

I'm guessing that this could certainly be the case because a blue tongue is arguably the least 'real' thing about Liv Morgan's gimmick. If she comes back in a new persona, fans would certainly dig it.

#3 Returning to NXT to find her footing

I don't think that returning to NXT is ever really a demotion, per se. Just look at how much more Tyler Breeze is doing in the black and yellow brand than he was doing in the main roster before this.

Why I'm making this suggestion is because Morgan could go to NXT and come up with a whole new persona that she can bring to the main roster. This could be a long-term storyline about her losing her focus and who she is by coming up with a new character to take Flair down.

This kind of cross-branding would bring new eyes to NXT and honestly, also to the main roster, at least to the blue brand. I know a lot of fans right now are disillusioned with the overall product at the moment.

Even legends like Sting evolved many times during his wrestling career.

#2 Alliance with a very familiar NXT Superstar

I know that Aliyah is teaming with Vanessa Borne in NXT right now, but here's why I think she should team up with Morgan, in the weeks that follow. It's a brand new era for SmackDown Live with Eric Bischoff in charge of booking creative. A new era also means new faces and Aliyah being called up would be a really good thing for her.

Aliyah has been in NXT for a really long time now, as you guys well know. It is a well-known fact that she's also very close to Liv Morgan, and they'd make for a very cool team, in time. The IIconics will need fresh new babyface opponents after they're done with Sane and Asuka.

I guess Aliyah and Borne could always be brought up in their current avatar, but they'd be an IIconics knockoff. The Morgan and Aliyah pairing may be more 'real', per se.

#1 Going back to the New Jersey gimmick


Back when she was in NXT, Liv Morgan had a very different look. She was the essential New Jersey girl, who looked nothing like her current punk persona.

I wonder if being more real means going back to her roots and channeling that aspect of her persona once again. She could return from her emotional breakdown by tapping into what made her Liv Morgan in the very first place and take on Charlotte Flair in that beloved persona, in a heated feud.

I would personally love to see this happen because it will mean that she has officially ended her Riott Squad stint and that she's her own person at long last, having left the mid-card far behind. Because she has the fan support online, they could spur her on to the main event in due course of time too.

What do you folks think?

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