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WWE SmackDown Live: 5 reasons why making Kevin Owens turn heel was a great decision

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24 Apr 2019, 18:30 IST

KO has turned against New Day
KO has turned against New Day

Before I start with the reasoning behind my belief, I want to get something off my chest: I absolutely loved Big O, so much that I wanted it to continue for a while before the inevitable happened.

But it didn’t – and while it did hurt me a little bit, it might have been a great decision by the Creative. With Kevin Owens, it is always only just a matter of time before the former WWE Universal Champion turns against his ‘buddies’.

He did it against Sami Zayn, he did it against Chris Jericho and now he has done it again against New Day. Big E had been warning the faction using his Twitter and he turned out to be right in the end.

And it was a great decision – here are 5 reasons why…

#5 Few expected it so soon

Owens with the New Day
Owens with the New Day

For some, it might have been too soon. After all, there are going to be three more SmackDown Live episodes before Money in the Bank (more on that next).

However the best things in life are the ones that come when you don’t expect them. Imagine you wake up in the morning to your doorbell ringing and when you open it, you receive a pizza from a delivery man even though you didn’t order it.

Wouldn’t it be the best morning ever?

Unpredictability is perhaps the most important factor a sports entertainment product like the WWE. As a result, using it to their benefit when the iron is hot is the wisest thing to do.

Sure, some fans were taken aback with the suddenness but that is exactly what the company had intended because everyone knew that KO turning heel was inevitable, so might as well turn the predictable inexorability into something unpredictable.

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