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WWE SmackDown Results 8th November 2016, Full Show Match Updates and Video Highlights

A shocking end, some great action and major changes to Survivor Series - SmackDown was epic as always!

WWE dropped a bomb to close the show!

This week’s pre-taped episode of Smackdown from Glasgow is in the books and it had some epic swerves for the fans. With Becky Lynch defending her title, a shocking announcement to end the show, and a WWE superstar’s possible move to RAW being teased, SmackDown beat their counterparts in red by a mile.

So here are the results from this week’s episode:

Opening Segment

We begin with AJ Styles in the ring. A flashback to Last Tuesday's Smackdown is shown where AJ Styles got distracted by the No Chin wonder James Ellsworth and ended up losing his match to Dean Ambrose. AJ Styles is in the middle of the ring now and begins to talk to the crowd. AJ Styles accuses Dean Ambrose of cheating and refers to James Ellsworth as a 'mutant turtle' as well as an embarrassment to humanity.

He further goes on to add that he didn't need Dean Ambrose on his team to win against Raw. He then begins to introduce Team Smackdown, but Baron Corbin's music cuts him off as Corbin makes his entrance. Baron Corbin tells AJ Styles that he wouldn't fight for AJ Styles' team.

The Wyatt family makes an appearance with Randy Orton after the lights briefly go out, AJ Styles welcomes them to 'Team AJ Styles' as Dean Ambrose makes his entrance, takes a lap around the ring and brings out James Ellsworth.

Dean Ambrose tells AJ Styles that if he had a problem with James Ellsworth he was gonna have to go through Dean first. AJ Styles brings Dean's attention to the rest of the superstars in the ring and tells him that he's outnumbered.

Baron Corbin makes his exit much to the dismay of AJ Styles. Shane McMahon's music hits and he makes his way into the ring. Shane McMahon encourages all members of team Blue to put their differences aside and co-operate with each other.

He also insists that the team gets inspiration from James Ellsworth's passion. He then makes James Ellsworth the official mascot for Team Smackdown, acting on Ellsworth's suggestion. Shane McMahon makes a match between The new Wyatt Family of Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper against the team of James Ellsworth, Dean Ambrose and Baron Corbin. Backstage, Becky Lynch is shown getting ready for her title match tonight as we cut to commercials.

Shane McMahon speaks to Baron Corbin backstage. Baron Corbin tells Shane McMahon that he wasn't interested in being in the match that night. He tells Shane McMahon to remove him from the team if he had a problem with that. Shane McMahon removes him from the match but puts him in one against Kalisto instead. 

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