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WWE SmackDown Results April 24th, 2020: Winners, Grades, Video Highlights for latest Friday Night SmackDown

It was a wild night
It was a wild night
Modified 25 Apr 2020
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The New Day kicked off SmackDown and were celebrating their eighth tag team title win when the Lucha House Party came out to congratulate them, while also challenging them for the titles. Miz & Morrison were out as well and said that the new champs did not beat them in a straight-up tag match and the title change was unfair.

The Forgotten Sons came out as well and wanted a part in the dispute over the titles. The Sons ended up attacking all three teams, ending with big finishers on Kofi and Big E in the ring.

Backstage, Miz & Morrison were furious and blamed the Lucha House party for the chaos. They were set to face the Luchadors later in the night.

Drew Gulak vs. Baron Corbin - MITB Qualifier match

Corbin will be joining the Money in the Bank ladder match
Corbin will be joining the Money in the Bank ladder match

Corbin had the upper hand early on and the match went outside where Gulak kicked Corbin over the tables. Gulak pulled off a Sunset Flip for a near fall before dropping Corbin on the steps outside.

Nakamura and Cesaro interrupted the match and took out Daniel Bryan at ringside. Gulak was distracted and Corbin hit the End of Days for the win.

Result: Baron Corbin def. Drew Gulak and will join the MITB ladder match


After the match, Nakamura and Cesaro held on to Gulak as Corbin took him out with his sceptre.

Match rating: B

Sheamus vs. Enhancement Talent

Another easy win for the
Another easy win for the 'Fella

Sheamus started off strong by tossing the Roman Reigns lookalike across the ring and into the corner before unloading his fists on the rookie. Sheamus was yelling about his challenger showing him disrespect as he dismantled him before picking up the easy win.

Result: Sheamus def. Enhancement Talent

After the match, Sheamus did that thing where he threatens Michael Cole for absolutely no reason.

Match rating: C

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Published 25 Apr 2020, 07:49 IST
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