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WWE SmackDown Results September 3rd, 2019: Winners, Grades, Video Highlights for latest SmackDown Live

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It was a surprising end to the show
It was a surprising end to the show

Bayley kicked off SmackDown Live and the crowd started booing her for last night and chanting Becky's name. Bayley confessed that Sasha was still her best friend and that she did what she did to support her friend. She then turned her attention to facing Charlotte and the crowd was in Bayley's corner again, cheering her on.

Charlotte made her entrance to defend herself after Bayley called her selfish. The two mocked each other's behavior before Sasha Banks joined them. Sensing an attack from the duo, Charlotte went on the offensive right off the bat and took out Bayley and sent her outside.

Charlotte was beating up Sasha in the ring while Bayley hit her from behind with a steel chair. She then handed the chair to The Boss and they decimated The Queen together. The crowd chanted for Becky but no one showed up.

Segment rating: A

Ali vs. Elias - King of the Ring Quarterfinals

Elias had the upper hand as the match started and Ali used his speed to turn the tables and dodge some big moves. Elias kicked out of two pin attempts and then sent Ali into the diamond plate on the ramp with a huge suplex. Elias tossed Ali around ringside and then sent him into the timekeeper's area as we broke for commercials.

Back to the action, Ali was still dodging big moves. He flew through the ropes and sent Elias into the barricades. Ali hit a Hurricanrana and then a crossface before Elias powered out of the submission. Elias hit a powerbomb for a near fall and then locked in the stretch buckler submission. Ali found the ropes before Elias damaged his knees using the ring post.

The two Superstars climbed up the ropes and Elias threw Ali off to the outside. Elias leaped to the outside but was met with a devastating Superkick. Ali hit the 450 in the ring but Elias rolled out of the way. Elias hit the Driftaway for the win.


Result: Elias def. Ali and qualified for the Semi-Finals

Match rating: A

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