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WWE SmackDown: Why Kofi Kingston will be the next big anti-authority figure

15 Mar 2019, 14:33 IST

Kofi Kingston and his brethren
Kofi Kingston and his brethren

Kofi Kingston has been sweeping the WWE Universe ever since he made his way into the title picture. However, WWE has created an intense storyline for him that makes sure that things stay interesting.

While this has certainly worked in his favor, it is evident that WWE has been aiming for a big-time push for Kofi Kingston. With Vince McMahon repeatedly denying a fair chance to Kofi and making him go through all possible barriers, the entire picture has definitely heated up.

The background

Kofi Kingston has emerged as one of the top contenders in the WWE Championship picture ever since he replaced Mustafa Ali in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE title. Although he did not win the match, he did leave quite an impact with his performance which led to the WWE granting him one more shot at the title.

However, his opportunity was canceled when Vince McMahon announced that it was not Kofi Kingston but Kevin Owens who would be facing Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship at Fastlane. Kofi was once again led into a trap when Vince put him in a handicap match against The Bar, leading to a brutal beat down.

Brutal beatdown
Brutal beatdown

The possibilities

With Shane McMahon's heel turn, it is possible that the McMahon family emerges into a full-blown heel authority stable. Mr. McMahon has time and again said he does not consider Kofi to be deserving of a title opportunity.

This is a lot similar to Daniel Bryan's run as the champion when he was time and again addressed as a 'B+ player'. Although we might not see too much of Shane McMahon's involvement in this, it is possible that he plays a minor role.

It is quite possible that Kofi Kingston does not get a title opportunity even after he defeats his opponents in the upcoming gauntlet match. To be clear, Mr. McMahon did not say that he would grant a title opportunity to Kofi Kingston if he wins the match. The only thing he announced was that Kofi has to defeat his opponents and he is 'going to WrestleMania'.


However, this could open up new possibilities for Kofi Kingston. While Shane McMahon would be involved in his feud against The Miz, it is possible that Kofi Kingston plays an instrumental role in the outcome of the match.

Now let's face it, while Vince is definitely great at playing the scheming boss, Shane is the one who would be continuously present on SmackDown live. As such, it is important that WWE creates a storyline involving Kofi Kingston and Shane McMahon.

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