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WWE SmackDown Women's Championship Match: WWE Fastlane 2018 winners, video highlights and analysis

Kishan Prasad
9.64K   //    12 Mar 2018, 08:10 IST

Did the Riott Squad get under Charlotte Flair's skin?

The third championship match of the night was for the WWE SmackDown Live Women's Championship. Ruby Riott had the chance to punch her ticket to her maiden WrestleMania as the champion if she could beat the current champion, Charlotte Flair.

The match started off with Ruby Riott going for the Riott Kick with Charlotte blocking it. Charlotte countered with a figure four leg lock attempt. Riott hung on to the back of Flair which resulted in both women falling to the outside of the ring. Charlotte pushed Riott into the barricade a couple of times before the other members of the Riott Squad showed up causing a distraction.

Riott got the upper hand because of the distraction and connected with the Riott Kick but Charlotte kicked out at two. Charlotte rolled out of the ring and Riott distracted the referee while Morgan and Logan looked to attack Flair before Naomi and Becky Lynch came to Charlotte's aid before The Riott Squad could attack her.

Riott dominated the match and made a couple of pin attempts before Charlotte countered and made her way to the top rope attempting a moonsault. Riott quickly made her way back to her feet and pushed Charlotte off of the top rope to the outside. Riott looked to make a suicide dive to the outside but was caught by Flair and smashed her into the barricade. Flair hit her with a moonsault off the barricade and tossed her back into the ring.

With action getting back into the ring, Charlotte caught Ruby with a high knee. Riott quicky caught Flair with a hurricanrana from the top rope for a close three count. Riott mocks Charlotte with chops to the chest but Charlotte slapped her back in the face. Charlotte hit Riott with chops of her own. The Riott Squad baited Naomi and Lynch into the ring and the referee sends the two to the back. Morgan and Logan attack Charlotte and move away before the referee sees them but the referee sends them to the back anyway.

With Ruby left to fend for herself, Charlotte hit her with a chop, back suplex and big boot combo. Riott would counter with a cradle for a close two count.Ruby jumps on the back of Charlotte and Charlotte flipped her face first into the turnbuckle. Charlotte later connected with the spear and applied the figure eight leg lock forcing Riott to tap out.


Charlotte Flair defeated Ruby Riott to retain the SmackDown Live Women's Championship

While Charlotte was celebrating her successful title defence, 'The Empress of Tomorrow' made her way to the ring to a huge pop. Asuka stood in the face of Charlotte and pointed to the WrestleMania sign.

Do we have the WrestleMania match set? It seems so!

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