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WWE Spoilers: Main Event results from Portland

This week's Main Event featured four former champions.

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The regular employees are paying the price as part-timers are dominating the scene at Raw

WWE taped two matches before tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw started, airing from Portland. Below are the complete spoiler results of this week's Main Event, which included 4 former champions thanks to WrestlingInc:

#1 Curtis Axel vs. Bo Dallas

The first match of the night before Raw went on-air saw the former NXT Champion Bo Dallas colliding with the former Nexus Member and former Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel.

Both men have not been part of any meaningful storyline on WWE programming for a while now, and their match tonight was also nothing more than filler. At the end, the former Intercontinental Champion came on top and picked a victory over the former NXT Champion to close the match.

Result: Curtis Axel defeated Bo Dallas

#2 Rusev vs. Sin Cara

As WrestleMania 33 approaches, the scene at Raw is getting crowded with frequent appearances from big stars including the likes of Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, Triple H and Samoa Joe.

However, due to this, other regular stars are paying the price by being sidelined during the most important time in the year of the WWE Calendar despite carrying the brand for the better part of 2016.

Last week, one of the most beloved babyfaces of the Raw roster The New Day had to take a backseat as they made an appearance on Main Event, and this week it was the former United Status Champion Rusev who had to do the same.

Rusev squared off against the former NXT Tag Team Champion Sin Cara, who picked up a victory against Bo Dallas last week on Main Event itself. Although this time his luck was not so good as the Bulgarian Brute 'crushed' the masked Superstar.

Result: Rusev def. Sin Cara

You can now watch the complete highlights of this week's episode of Raw which took place after the Main Event tapings:

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