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WWE Spoilers: WWE Main Event results from Tampa, Florida

This week's Main Event tapings featured a former NXT Champion and 2 Cruiserweight stars.

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A Main Event episode featuring all filler matches

WWE taped two matches before Monday night’s episode of Raw from Tampa, Florida, went on air for this week's Main Event. Thanks to WrestlingInc, below are the complete spoiler results of the upcoming Main Event tapings:

#1  Ariya Daivari vs. Lince Dorado

The first match of the night was again a Cruiserweight battle, the same as last week's episode of Main Event. The bout saw the former Cruiserweight Classic contestant Ariya Daivari facing the masked Luchador Lince Dorado.

Daivari was last seen on TV this past week, where he was involved in a backstage segment on Raw alongside with the 'Gentleman' Jack Gallagher. The segment set up the first ever gentleman's dual for the 205 Live Episode the same week Ariya ended up on the losing side. 

On the other hand, Dorado was a part of last week's Main Event as well, where he picked up a victory over fellow Cruiserweight Division participant Tony Nese. Although this time, luck was not on the side of the Luchador as Daivari managed to beat the masked Superstar after hitting his finishing manoeuvre Frog Splash.

Result: Ariya Daivari defeated Lince Dorado.

It's interesting to note here that in the latest promo, WWE mentioned Ariya Daivari as the brother of former WWE star Shawn Daivari, who has previously managed the likes of Kurt Angle and The Great Khali in the company. You can watch the promo where he calls Shawn his brother below:

#2 The Shining Stars vs. Bo Dallas and Darren Young

The second taped match of the night saw the team of Primo and Epico, collectively known as The Shining Stars, battling it out against former NXT Champion Bo Dallas with his partner Darren Young. Young was accompanied by WWE Hall Of Famer Bob Backlund for the match.

One must feel bad for Dallas. He was one of the early NXT Champions, holding the title for almost 280 days. Now he has been lost in the stream of the Main Roster due to poor characterisation and stale bookings. Nowadays he is seen wrestling in filler bouts with lower card talents losing most of his matches.

His match tonight was also not of very high implications and Bo once again ended up on the losing side, as Epico pinned his partner Darren via a quick rollup for the win.

Result:  The Shining Stars defeated Bo Dallas and Darren Young

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