WWE star to turn heel almost 2 years later and attack Cody Rhodes? Exploring career altering impact

Undisputed WWE Championship Cody Rhodes (Photo credit: WWE.com)
Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes (Photo credit: WWE.com)

When Cody Rhodes became the Undisputed WWE Champion, he knew he would instantly become a target for the rest of SmackDown locker room. So far, he has been successful in his title defenses, after beating AJ Styles and United States Champion Logan Paul.

Still, he knows that more challengers will step up, as WWE will host four premium live events through the end of the summer (Clash at the Castle, Money in the Bank, Summerslam and Bash, respectively).

One of those challengers could be no other than Kevin Owens. While Owens continues to battle The Bloodline on the blue brand, he could still examine going on a different direction should his tag team partner, Randy Orton, miss time with an injury he reportedly sustained at the King and Queen of the Ring Premium Live Event last weekend.

With Randy Orton out, Kevin Owens should move in a new direction


It has been a while since Kevin Owens last competed as a title contender. When this happened, Roman Reigns was the champion on SmackDown, during his historic reign. Since then, he has engaged in feud with The Bloodline and US Champion Logan Paul.

Lately, he has had help from Randy Orton, but with The Viper now apparently injured, it appears that KO will need to move in a new direction and what a better way to do so than stepping up and challenging Cody Rhodes.

Given how great both are in the ring and on the microphone, this feud would be quite exciting should it happen in the coming PLEs.

Kevin Owens has been a babyface for quite a long time


Kevin Owens has been a babyface for almost two years now. Since stepping up to challenge Roman Reigns, the WWE Universe has not seen KO turning heel, but it seems that this could change soon.

The reason is that Cody Rhodes is the top babyface in WWE and if Kevin Owens wants to face him, he will need to have a heel turn.

Kevin Owens has thrived as a heel in WWE


KO has been one of the top stars in WWE and has been impressive not only as babyface, but as a heel as well. Owens has held some of the top titles as a heel and has impressed many with his great work as a heel.

Thus, it would make sense for him to step away from his babyface character and turn heel, moving to a new direction. He could kick off this change by attacking Cody Rhodes to start a feud with the reigning champion.

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