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WWE SummerSlam 2017 Match Results and Analysis: Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles (WWE US Championship Match)

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AJ Styles took on Kevin Owens with the WWE US Title on the line.

Shane McMahon was the guest referee for the US Title between Kevin Owens and AJ Styles with the latter defending his strap. AJ and Owens got at each other early on and the animosity between the two men was evident. Kevin Owens had the momentum early with one vicious move after another. Kevin Owens hit AJ with the Edge-cution and went for the pin but the champion kicked out. Styles got up and caught Owens in a huge facebuster, slowing down the match for a few minutes.

AJ missed a springboard move but was caught by a superkick from KO but managed to reverse a pop-up powerbomb. AJ went up the turnbuckles but KO caught him before he could pull off a move. Styles recovered soon and hit KO with a sunset powerbomb. AJ threw himself from the top rope at KO but the latter pulled Shane, the guest referee onto himself blocking the attack.

Styles catches KO in a huge submission move but unfortunately, Shane was outside the ring and missed the tap-out from KO. Shane and AJ get into it as KO catches Styles from behind with a roll-up but failed to get the pinfall. AJ takes KO to the top rope but the latter reversed it into a fisherman's suplex from the top rope but yet again failed to get the pinfall.

Both men were running on empty at this point as they exchanged chops and strikes. AJ Styles missed with a big kick and KO caught him in a superkick. Styles replied with a Styles Clash but could not get a successful pin. KO caught Styles with a pop-up powerbomb and went for the pin but Shane only counted to two, making KO very angry. A big botch happened when Shane counted till three after KO's Pop-up Powerbomb but missed Styles' feet on the rope. He waved off his decision and continues the match. A distraught KO gets in Shane O'Mac's face and they eventually push each other. Styles took advantage and rolled KO up for a near fall.

A really well-planned referee botch! KO vs. Shane O'Mac for Hell in a Cell possibly confirm

Styles took advantage of the situation and hit KO with a Pele Kick but yet again failed to get the pinfall. AJ followed up with another Styles Clash which finally earned him the three count from Shane McMahon and retained the US Championship.

Result: AJ Styles def. Kevin Owens and retained the WWE United States Championship

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