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WWE SummerSlam: 5 most likely outcomes

Shikhar Goyal
Top 5 / Top 10
18 Aug 2018, 13:10 IST

#4. Dean Ambrose betrays Seth Rollins

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We might see the darker side of Dean Ambrose this Sunday

Dean Ambrose returned to Raw this week after being sidelined due to a tricep injury for 9 months. He evened the odds for his Shield buddy against Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler. However, it would have been better if Dean Ambrose would have returned at SummerSlam itself. There are suggestions that tell that creatives have even bigger in store for The Lunatic Fringe.

SummerSlam is the time Dean Ambrose to turn from lunatic fringe to unhinged lunatic. At SummerSlam, we might see Dean Ambrose turning his back on his friend and unleash his darker side. Turning on Seth Rollins would be a perfect revenge of Dean Ambrose on him like he did in 2014. It would also help keep Rollins strong as he would not lose clean.

If Ambrose turns heel, we might see one of the best heels in WWE today. A vicious and cocky Ambrose would be the one the fans are waiting for and it will also solidify his character as one of the best.

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