WWE Super Showdown: 5 Possible finishes for Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon

  • Shane McMahon will have to pull out all the tricks in order to overcome The Big Dog this friday.
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The Best in the World won
The Best in the World won't really have earned that name unless he can knock off Roman Reigns

With the Big Dog now roaming SmackDown Live, no one would have expected to see Roman Reigns involved in a heated rivalry with Shane McMahon. The "Best in the World" has been a significant thorn in the former Universal Champion's side ever since he joined the Blue Brand, and has used his position to bring in other mercenaries on the roster.

Elias, The Revival and Drew McIntyre have all aided the Prodigal Son in his crusade against Reigns, leaving him nearly unconscious at the feet of Shane McMahon several times. On both SmackDown and Raw, McMahon's group has beaten Reigns mercilessly before setting him up for a spear by Shane-O-Mac himself.

When Reigns always has his eyes on Championship gold and dominating the "yard", he's going to have to get through McMahon on Friday night before he can move onto his next opponent. However, if the former Hardcore Champion manages to defeat Reigns, it will not only severely harm the credibility of the face of the company, but it will also continue to prove that McMahon is truly the Best in the World.

After all, if he's able to defeat the man that has beaten Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Triple H, John Cena, AJ Styles, and other top Superstars, it would be hard to dismiss that claim.

#5 Shane McMahon out spears Roman Reigns

Twice now, Shane McMahon has left Roman Reigns gasping for air in the middle of the ring. And although those moments were preceded by assaults from Drew McIntyre and The Revival, the final exclamation point on both nights was a massive spear from The Best in the World.

While Reigns is clearly a superior athlete to McMahon, both in strength and athleticism, Shane-O-Mac has had his number on several occasions, leaving many to wonder if the Big Dog will have what it takes to finish the job in Saudi Arabia.

With the possibility of McIntyre and The Revival interfering lurking in the back of his head, Reigns may be more distracted than he'd like to be at WWE Super Showdown, and the McMahons have always been able to take advantage of cases like this.


We saw a similar moment play out this past weekend at NXT TakeOver: XXV, when Adam Cole tricked then NXT Champion into thinking the rest of the Undisputed Era was coming out to interfere in the match. That distraction allowed Cole to steal a win and the title. In Jeddah, Shane McMahon may pull that same ploy in order to overcome Roman Reigns. And what better way to put down the Big Dog than with his own move?

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Published 06 Jun 2019, 09:14 IST
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