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WWE Super ShowDown Results, October 6th 2018; latest Super ShowDown winners, video highlights

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Bobby Lashley & John Cena vs. Kevin Owens & Elias

Elias was playing Thunderstruck by AC/DC on his guitar. The crowd was singing "Thunder!" along with it. Lashley interrupted and came out to a mild reaction. Lio Rush wasn't with him today. John Cena's music hit and of course, there's a massive reaction.

Bobby Lashley started off against Elias and he was dominating. Elias struck back and Lashley tried pouncing at him but he botched it. Lashley then stopped a running Elias with a powerslam.

Lashley urged Elias to tag Owens in and he obliged. Lashley began the assault on Kevin Owens but kept getting the better of him. Elias tried to attack Lashley but he got the better of him too.

Lashley pointed at Cena, ready to tag him. Elias pushed Cena out of the ring, preventing the tag. Elias and KO then double teamed Lashley and began the beatdown. The two had complete control over Lashley.

At this point, it looked like Lashley was instinctively kicking out. He began to fight back and focused on Elias who was outside when he should be focusing on Owens. Lashley really wasn't at his best today. He missed a spear to Elias and falls out bad. Elias then slammed him towards the ring post and sent him back to the ring. Owens hit a frog splash but Lashley kicked out at two.

Owens was doing all he can to prevent the tag to John Cena. Cena tries to get the crowd to rally for Lashley and they clapped as Owens charged at Lashley. He countered Owens into a spine buster and crawls towards Cena, who finally tagged in John Cena to a huge pop.

Cena shoulder tackled Elias and cleared him out. He then hit the Attitude Adjustment. Instead of pinning him, he struck this pose and hit a Chinese jab and pinned Elias.

Result: Lashley & John Cena def. Kevin Owens & Elias

Cena cut a post-match promo saying that he knew his life is changing, but WWE will always be his home and he never forgets where he came from. He then thanked the crowd for welcoming him to the country.