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Fan tries to attack WWE superstar at Live event

Omkar Sohoni
4.98K   //    09 Feb 2016, 14:39 IST
Barrett, Bryan, Ambrose and Stardust in action

– The term kayfabe is used to describe all that is scripted, be it injuries, storylines or anything else in between.

Sometimes WWE Superstars interact with the fans in a kayfabe manner, with Barrett getting hit by Wayne Rooney or Stephen Amell proceeding into the ring to unleash a beat down on Stardust being glaring examples.

While fans are the most important aspect of the WWE and are what keeps the WWE running, sometimes things get ugly. We have seen Roman Reigns getting groped with a briefcase being thrown at him at a Live Event and Dean Ambrose almost getting hit on the back.

In another incident, one such fan had an ugly incident with a WWE Superstar at a recent event. Stardust was performing at a Live Event in Penticton, British Columbia when he stepped into the crowd and got on to do his heel stuff.

One fan who seemed in an inebriated state found got offended by Stardust’s antics and proceeded to attack him. He was apprehended by the police and was evicted from the arena. The man while being evicted from the arena tried to fight with the police present at the scene and got into a physical altercation with the authorities.

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