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WWE: Sin Cara is no longer using his WWE name in Mexico

Former WWE superstar Sin Cara

Former WWE superstar, Sin Cara, who while leaving the WWE, claimed that he possessed rights to his ring name. But reports now confirm that he won’t be competing in the ring under that name any further.

The Mexican luchador is currently known as El Misterioso. Last week, he appeared in the WWE as he was defeated by the debuting Bo Dallas.

Originally, Sin Cara wrestled in Mexico as Mistico. And those naming and character rights were held by CMLL. But when he made his move into the WWE, WWE could not retain his persona and they had to settle with Sin Cara.

While Sin Cara had promised that he owned the rights to his name and he would have the freedom to use it after the summer, it is apparent that is not the case as the WWE have been fielding Hunico as Sin Cara in their show. Hunico was continued to be used under the mask since Sin Cara left the WWE.

Regaining rights to superstars’ names has been a common business procedure followed by the WWE over the years. As Triple H would say that its a ‘best for business’ move to increase their finances. Several superstars had to change their names while leaving the WWE for other wrestling brands.

For Sin Cara, he had very insignificant chance against WWE.

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