Top 25 WWE Superstar logos of all time

WWE rebranded after the launch of the Network
Rohit Nath

15)CM Punk

The symbol of the anti-establishment.

CM Punk has always been a standout character, but the WWE rendition of the Summer Of Punk in 2011 shot his career up to the moon. He gained an insane amount of momentum with the fans, and his anti-establishment character is something that people could clearly get behind. The logo of rebellion is for CM Punk and CM Punk only.

14)Shawn Michaels

Part of what made The New Generation so unique

A flamboyant character is almost a guaranteed recipe for failure today. However, only one man could ever pull it off – the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels. His logo of the snake, the sword, and the heart is a perfect representation of his flamboyance, his persistence and his viciousness, which is a recipe that makes him an all-time great.

13)Eddie Guerrero

No one could captivate an audience the way Latino Heat could

Calling Eddie Guerrero merely a legend is a gross understatement. Eddie had a unique presence and was able to capture the hearts of the millions of people in arena’s and homes. He was crowned the Undisputed WWE Champion in 2004 February. His Scarface logo with him holding the championship is a perfect homage to the greatness that was Eddie Guerrero.

12)Dusty Rhodes

The Common Man

What made Dusty Rhodes stand out in the land of giants and muscular men was his unique look – that of a common man. He did not win over people by his appearance, but by his magical verbal ability which helped captivate millions of people watching on television. His gimmick was being the son of a plumber. The fact that he made it to that level, truly makes him the definition of The American Dream.

11)Cactus Jack/Mick Foley

One of the three faces of Foley

Mick Foley, just like Dusty Rhodes, stood out based on his unique look. However, he had the reputation of being the hardcore legend. He had three faces – Dude Love, Cactus Jack, and Mankind. He is perhaps most famous for Cactus Jack. His β€œWanted Dead” logo was the perfect suit for his larger than life character.

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