Top 25 WWE Superstar logos of all time

Rohit Nath


Evolution is a mystery

There was nothing that wasn’t cool about evolution. The faction comprising of Triple H, Ric Flair, an upstart Randy Orton and Batista had it all. They were an integral part of the Raw brand for two full years. It also helped shape Randy Orton and Batista who would go on to be main event players for years to come. Apart from just having the coolest theme song ever, Evolution had an incredible logo to represent.

04)Triple H

Triple H always had everything in grand fashion

The Cerebral Assasin, The King Of Kings, The Game, whatever you want to call him, there is one thing that suits Triple H: a legendary figure of the business. Triple H was and still always is an integral part of WWE’s most important storylines. He too had Motorhead play his theme song, and has also had the greatest Wrestlemania entrances ever. Triple H’s logo is perfectly fitting of his King Of Kings character.

03)The Rock

Know your damn role!

There is nothing that can be said about The Brahma Bull that hasn’t already been said. He was the face of the company, one of the only four. At his prime, there was no one hotter than The Rock was. His Brahma Bull persona and his catchphrases make his logo one of the greatest ever, just like him.

02)Hulk Hogan

Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you, brother!?

Say what you will about Hulk Hogan, but wrestling would not be what it is today. While the last year has seen the Hulkster reeked in controversy, the Hulkamania brand was something of wonder back in The Golden Era. That is why the yellow and red logo is second on the list. Everything about it spells iconic.

01)Stone Cold Steve Austin

Was there any other option?

The reason that we picked this as number 1 was because of the fact that Austin 3:16 slogan was one of the factors that shot Stone Cold up into the sky. The Austin 3:16 then turned into the highest-selling shirt in WWE history, something that has still not been topped. Stone Cold was one of the reasons that WWF became the hot product and eventually beat WCW in the ratings and eventually bought them out. Stone Cold has the greatest logo of all time.

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