WWE Superstars: Matches and Results 23/1/15

WWE Superstars : Result

Match number one : Naomi versus Cameron- Winner : Naomi

Match details: Cameron tries to attract attention by checking herself in a mirror in the ring while Naomi runs and kicks her in the rear end. Now Cameron screams hard and falls prey to a drop kick. Naomi again tries to drop kick and back elbow which renders Cameron down on the floor. Now Cameron retreats back and knocks down Naomi to the mat and then she walks away with her mirror. Cameron throws Naomi back to the ring and does a split before getting a near fall. Cameron tries a few more kicks followed by an Irish whip and finally she sends Naomi’s face into the mat and then she punches Naomi's back. After a clotheslines again, Naomi gets a near fall then Cameron stretches Naomi, but this time Naomi gets back on her feet in a rush, but she finally is thrown to the mat again. Naomi, this time tries a round kick from the turnbuckles as Cameron comes to slam her again and followed by a clotheslines. Now Naomi obtains the control of the game and uses her rear end to slam Cameron followed by a kick and finally uses the rear view for the countdown.

Match Number Two: Fandango (with Rosa Mendes) versus Sin Cara- Winner : Fandango

Match details: In the beginning, Fandango gets a kiss from Rosa. Cara tries a hammer lock as the match starts but Fandango gets to the ropes and Cara releases the hold. Cara again tries a hammer lock, then Fandango takes control and tries the hammer lock to which Cara replies with an arm drag. They lock up and Cara tries an arm drag but gets unsuccessful as Fandango turns it into a reverse chin lock. Fandango tries a side head lock but Cara reciprocates it with a side head lock of his own. Cara then tries a shoulder tackle followed by an attempted leg sweep by Fandango turning it into a head scissors by Cara. Fandango is sent to the mat and Cara tries a suicide dive. Cara retreats back with a head scissors and arm drag finally turning into a key lock. Cara tries Irish Whip but this time Fandango sends him to the apron. Cara tries hard and jumps up to top but Rosa gets on the apron and which benefits Fandango greatly as he now goes to the apron and he pushes Cara off the turnbuckles. Fandango tries a hammer lock and finally with knee drops to the injured arm and he slams the arm to the mat. Cara then punches Fandango and goes for a sunset flip but this time Cara is unsuccessful gets a near fall. Fandango then tries a key lock and drop kick but he misses a knee drop. Finally both Cara and Fandango go for a body lock and are both unsuccessful. Cara then emerges out with a kick followed by springboard head butt and a clothesline. Cara tries again with a springboard moonsault but only for a near fall. Cara then nearly misses a splash in the corner. Fandango gets Cara on his knees after the latter goes up for a Swanton. Fandango finally runs up for the FanTangoBama Jam and then he tries the countdown and gets the three count.

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