WWE Superstars recap (Aug. 7th) : Jack Swagger Vs. Bo Dallas, Fandango Vs. Heath Slater

WWE Superstars Recap (8/7): Jack Swagger Vs. Bo Dallas, Fandango Vs. Heath Slater
Bo Dallas taps out to Swagger’s Patriot Lock

Below is the coverage of yesterday’s WWE Superstars, which featured the matches, Jack Swagger Vs. Bo Dallas, Fandango Vs. Heath Slater:

- The show started with a Roddy Piper tribute video.

- Heath Slater vs. Fandango

Few minutes into the match, Fandango sends Slater out of the ring with a series of dropkicks. Then Fandango follows outside with a slingshot body press. But Slater gains control and rolls Fandango back inside where he applies a chinlock. Fandango manages to snap out of it, with several jabs to Slater’s face. Fandango capitalizes with a kick to the face of Slater almost gets three, but he kicks out. Later Slater gets a two count. In the end, Fandango finishes with a Falcon Arrow.

Winner: Fandango via pinfall.

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- Jack Swagger vs. Bo Dallas

Early in the match, Bo grabs Swagger into a headlock. Swagger makes several repeated attempts to get out, but fall into it again. Swagger pins down Dallas after a clothesline and a Vader Bomb, but he kicks out at two. Swagger goes for a Patriot Lock, but eats a Flatliner from Dallas for two. Later Swagger converts a missed Bo Dog into a Patriot Lock and Dallas taps out.

Winner: Jack Swagger via submission.

Source: wrestlinginc

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