WWE Superstars results – 2/13/2015

Doing well: Luke Harper

Checkout the results of WWE Superstars held in Columbus, Ohio. After match one, we see Roman Reigns talking about RAW as well as Daniel Bryan’s counterstatement after the Tag Turmoil Match on SD. The promo on Tribute to Cena is played just after the promo by Reigns. There is also a reminder on a recent update which was announced last Monday that Rikishi will be inducted to the WWE HOF this year. Triple H calls on Sting only to know his answer about the upcoming event Fast Lane.

Match Number One: Jack Swagger versus Titus O’Neil

Result: Swagger converts a waist lock into a slam sending Titus to the mat. Now Swagger tries Double Jump Swagger Bomb but gets unsuccessful as Titus gets up and moves towards the ropes. Now Titus pushes Swagger to the turnbuckles and hits the Clash of the Titus for the countdown.

Match Number Two: Luke Harper versus R Truth

Result: After missing the scissors kick,Truth takes Harper against the ropes but Harper pushes him away.Harper gives a discus lariat which gets successful as he gets the count.

A WWE Hall of Famer was just referred to as a politician scumbag. More details here

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