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4 WWE Superstars who were pushed too early

Palash Sharma
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One of the many, many failures of the WWE

WWE always chooses a ‘Golden Boy’ for an era and more than often, their impulsive decision to push a certain wrestler backfires. While this has persistently been an issue for the WWE, in recent years this problem seems to have inflated.

Throughout the years, Superstars like Lex Luger, Ultimate Warrior, Diesel and Bobby Lashley were 'chosen' by Vince McMahon to represent the company. But, all of the above Superstars fell flat on their faces. Be it poor promo delivery, limited wrestling ability or a bad gimmick, the principal problem was them being pushed too early.

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Although there are many people backstage who judge whether or not a superstar is ready for a push, the ultimate decision lies with Vince McMahon. Through his long reign as the chairman of the brand, he has abandoned promising superstars like Cesaro and instead pushed undeveloped talent like Jack Swagger. Today we look at the superstars in recent times who were pushed before they were ready for the main stage.

#4 Ryback

Ultimately a cheap Goldberg rip-off

When Ryback debuted in the WWE, it was evident that the company was trying to recreate Goldberg for the current generation. But, the main problem was that Ryback was never as good as Bill.

He debuted as a part of the stable named 'The Nexus'. Although the group was dominant in the beginning, they quickly disbanded after repeatedly losing matches. Promptly, Ryback began his singles career. He was portrayed as an undefeatable monster. After some time spent squashing jobbers, Ryback directly arrived in the main event scene. The hurry with which he was brought to the main event was perhaps what ruined his career.

He was definitely not ready for the push as his mic skills were average at best and he has been reported to legitimately cause injuries to his fellow workers. The most critical flaw in the plan was perhaps that the audience never supported him. From almost clinching the WWE title, he was slowly demoted to the mid-card and by the time that he left the company, he was fighting in pre-show. Had WWE developed him gradually, perhaps he could have risen to top ranks?

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