WWE Superstars with the most number of world titles 

Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan
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In the WWE, there's no more noteworthy show of confidence than to be given a title reign. Some like Jinder Mahal have recently gotten there to begin with, while others have achieved the summit of the mountain on a few events. Despite how frequently a wrestler wins a title, each and every win is a critical crossroad in WWE history. 

The WWE Universe frequently see those with the most number of big showdowns as the delegated gem of the show. However, there are numerous different titles to be won. Numerous times geniuses have scratched their name in history through the triumph of different titles than the two principal ones. 

The names on this rundown won't shock you, however, the names not present on the rundown may give you a remark about their achievement without these coveted titles. 

Here are the 5 hotshots who have won the most number of title belts in WWE.

#5 Hulk Hogan (12 - 6 WCW Championships, 6 WWE Championships)

The Immortal Hulk Hogan remains solitary at No. 5, having established his legend with an astonishing dozen World Championships. The Hulkster's 12 titles are an even part between his chance in WWE and WCW, where he struggled his approach to six titles in every advancement.

Of all of Hogan's astounding deeds in the ring, however, maybe his most amazing was his last World Title triumph under WWE's rooftop, when he ended up Undisputed WWE Champion at Backlash 2002, winning the title at 48 years of age. Indeed, even moderately aged, Hulkamania still ran wild. What number of Superstars can genuinely say that?

And with rumours of Hulk Hogan making a comeback at SummerSlam doing the rounds, the audience is sure to get excited with the Champion's presence. Hulk Hogan is 64 now and looking at his age, it's almost certain that he won't be competing in the ring but to go with the rounds of Hulkamania sounds like an interesting idea.

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Published 17 Jul 2018
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