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WWE TLC 2017: 5 reasons why Kurt Angle's comeback is a not a good idea

Riju Dasgupta
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We're just as excited as you are, but hear us out...
We're just as excited as you are but hear us out...

Only a few minutes ago, the world changed forever. The Shield was reuniting for the much anticipated TLC pay-per-view, this weekend, and now they will not. Instead, returning to a WWE ring to compete after 11 years is none other than WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle.

Angle will be replacing Roman Reigns, who's unfit to compete at TLC. There's no way fans of any era of wrestling will not be excited with this development. As much of a mark-out moment as it is, we are not without our share of reservations. We will outline them for you, in this feature.

Of course, we want to see Mr Angle wrestle again. We just don't want to see him wrestling this weekend at TLC, against a random collection of opponents.

Here are five compelling reasons why.

#5 No storyline buildup whatsoever

How did he go from a spectator to a competitor?
How did he go from a spectator to a competitor?

Only a few days ago, Kurt Angle was a General Manager making this match come to life. Of course, he had his say, his thoughts and his take on the participants, but at no time did he display a willingness to jump into the fray and involve himself in the thick of things.

Suddenly, he was named as the replacement for Roman Reigns in this marquee event and declared as an active participant. This seems hurried and unplanned, as it obviously was. It was a last-ditch effort to make the pay-per-view happen, in the face of an illness-stricken roster.

However, we wonder if a competitor like Kurt Angle does not deserve better. After all, his comeback is big news, and deserves, at least, a build up on RAW, over a few weeks of action.

Sadly, his much-anticipated comeback will be a makeshift match.

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