WWE TLC 2020: 3 botches and mistakes you probably missed

There were several botches last night at TLC
There were several botches last night at TLC

WWE presented the final pay-per-view of 2020 last night at TLC, which included one of the strangest match types in recent memory. The company has been under a lot of pressure as of late, given the recent decline in ratings, which has led to some rash decisions being made.

Last night's show included several botchy moments from some of the most unexpected WWE stars. Even WWE's production team showed that sometimes they make some shocking mistakes.

Here are just some of the biggest botches that were spotted as part of last night's TLC event.

#3 Charlotte Flair stumbles in the Figure 8 at TLC

Charlotte Flair made her return to WWE after six months on the sidelines last night at TLC as Asuka's mystery partner. The two women worked well together and were able to win the Women's Tag Team Championships from Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax.

Flair showed a little bit of ring rust throughout the match. In one moment, in particular, she tried to lock in the Figure 8. Charlotte looped around the knee of Baszler but then stumbled to the ground, which gave Baszler enough time to fight out of the move.

#2 "Spinebuster through the table?"

Roman Reigns defended the Universal Championship against Kevin Owens last night at TLC in one of the most brutal matches of the night. Mid-way through their TLC match, Kevin Owens was powerbombed through a ladder, but it appears that Michael Cole may not have been watching the action unfold at this time.

Cole shouted that it was a "spine buster through the table," despite it obviously being a powerbomb through a ladder. To make matters worse, the WWE veteran then went on to repeat himself and draw even more attention to the error.

#1 Randy Orton appears to have a full box of matches

Last night at TLC, The Fiend was defeated in the first-ever Firefly Inferno match after Randy Orton set him alight. It was later revealed that this match was pre-recorded and heavily edited. So much so that there are certain moments in the match where the cuts can be seen.

Following the climax of the bout, Randy Orton heads out of the ring to pick up a match from the box, before rolling back into the ring to reveal that he now has a full box of matches.

While the actual botch is a mistake from the production team, it could also be seen as Orton's error since he got back in the ring without the box when he obviously needed it to light the match.

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