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WWE/TNA News: Bobby Lashley wants to attend Kurt Angle's WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony

The Destroyer is planning on being at the ceremony.

Kurt Angle going up against Bobby Lashley in TNA

What’s the story?

In an interview with SI.com, Bobby Lashley revealed that he intends to be at WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony to see his friend and former colleague Kurt Angle finally be conferred the honour. Lashley said that he wants to take some time now from his busy schedule and get his hands on a ticket for the much-anticipated event.

Here is what Lashley had to say:

“Hopefully I can get some tickets to the Hall of Fame,” said Lashley. “I want to be there to support Kurt and congratulate him. Kurt got me into the wrestling business. He saw me at the Olympic training center when he was doing a vignette, and he said, ‘Man, you’ve got a great look. You might want to really consider pro wrestling.’ It’s magic when Kurt is out there. If Kurt wasn’t in the Hall of Fame, then there was something wrong with the Hall of Fame. Kurt is a star, and I’m extremely happy for him.”

In case you didn’t know....

Apart from both being former WWE stars, Lashley and Angle have both had successful careers in TNA, holding the TNA World Heavyweight Championship many times during their stay with the company. 

Lashley is still part of TNA and is the current TNA Champion. Lashley and Angle have had some epic matches in a TNA ring and as TNA’s Destroyer stated, Angle is the one who spotted his potential and got him into the business. 

The heart of the matter

Despite being a current TNA star, it is highly likely that he turns up at the show. The induction ceremony is special because of the presence of the friends and family of the star who is being inducted. Thus, it won’t be an issue for a contracted TNA star to show at the ceremony.

Considering the contribution of the Olympic gold medalist in Lashley’s career, it would be imperative for the TNA Champion be present.

What’s next?

The induction ceremony will take place on the night before WrestleMania 33 on April 2nd. Having Lashley at the show would certainly increase the hype and the speculations regarding a possible return to WWE.

Don’t get your hopes too high as he’s the top guy in TNA and won’t be leaving anytime soon. 

Sportskeeda’s take

Lashley is one of the many stars who’ve benefited from Angle and we can only hope he shows up. Imagine the barrage of rumours that would come up if he does turn up at the ceremony. Lesnar vs. Lashley? Lashley wants it, but will the WWE make it happen?

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