Top 10 failed WWE gimmicks in the recent history

Creativity is something which laid foundation for WWE to rank itself as the only top dog in professional wrestling. The company gave us many gimmicks which simply made us love professional wrestling.Names like Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin and Undertaker falls into that list. But there have been many names which turned out to be a failure with the fans as well. Lack of creativity, the inability of the wrestler, whatever you call it, WWE often messed up some gimmicks and failed to win over the fans.It hasnt been scarce of the past few years as well since the WWE managed to produce some over the top gimmicks which never clicked with the fans. So lets take a look at some from that long list of flopped ventures.

#10 Face Mark Henry

Henry had great run as the heel in which he challenged John Cena and made the whole WWE Universe fool with his retirement stunt.

However, the WWE soon decided to turn him face which destroyed all the momentum that he’d been building up through the months. his newly shaved head also looked destined to give him a great heel run but the writers never took advantage of it.

A face Henry spent most of his time jobbing for the Shield and Brock Lesnar. For a wrestler who main evented with John Cena some months, back it was a monumental fall and Henry still wanders around the locker room with no real push to boast about.

#9 Bad News Barrett

For those who don’t remember, Wade Barrett is a wrestler who was seen as the next breakout star that WWE had to offer.

Spearheading the Nexus started his rise and he continued to be on the rise until WWE came out with the Bad New Barrett thing. What it did was keep a talented guy like Barrett out of the ring and give him some idiotic things to do.

Barrett was seen giving some news which didn’t entertain the fans by any bit and the reason why WWE chose such a thing is still something that’s a mystery since it does nothing to Wade Barrett or the other storylines in the company.

#8 Los Matadores

The Los Matadores was fan favorites before their debut but turned out to be a joke act once they got into the ring with their little bull mascot.

Matadores was pitted up against 3MB for almost two months after their debut. After that the Matadores failed to find a consistent place in the roster. They’ve been off and on the television often but never were seen as a title contender despite them holding the titles before the whole Matadores thing came.

And now the WWE is giving them an opportunity to get the title at WrestleMania which sound more ridiculous since they didn’t even gave the Rhodes Brother some relevant match at the same time.

#7 Curtis Axel- the Paul Heyman guy

Heyman is one of those wrestling geniuses that could mould a mop into a top star. And it looked like a great idea when WWE decided to give Axel the push since he had the skills like his father.

But apparently things didn’t go down as planned. Instead of making Axel the sole client of Heyman, WWE decided to project the third generation superstar as a second rate client to Heyman behind the lights of CM Punk and Brock Lesnar.

This did no good whatsoever for the former intercontinental champion apart from getting a credible name which sounded way cooler than his previous one.

When Heyman left his side, Axel dropped his title and soon fell down the ranks and ended up with Ryback forming Rybaxel.

#6 Brodus Clay

Clay had all the requirements to become one of the best monster heel characters in the midcard of WWE.

However, what WWE decided to do with him was just utter stupidity. The writers gave him dancing monster gimmicks which rarely clicked with the children also who were the targeted audience. And to make things better they gave him two girls also who danced along with him.

Clay was never going to climb the wrestling ladder with a gimmick like that and he was stuck with many random matches in which he did more wrestling than wrestling. He recently dropped the gimmick and turned heel, but the flop of his previous one is still hurting him dearly.

#5 3MB

Jobber stables are always something WWE was fond of. There have been many such factions in the history but 3MB was the worst from the lot because of only one reason: Drew McIntyre.

Protégé of Triple H, McIntyre was the chosen one of Vince McMahon once and had all the ammunition to be the next big name in the roster. But some were down the road, it all went wrong. And when the only thing they needed was to give him a tiny push, the WWE put him into a group of jobbers.

McIntyre is a talent that’s being wasted to the core in 3MB and if they gave him Paul Heyman instead of giving Curtis Axel, we might’ve had a great heel in the roster at the moment.

#4 Fandango

It was reported that Vince McMahon was so high on Fandango that he personally decided to give Fandango his WrestleMania moment. And it looked like the ball room dancer was heading for big things when he defeated Chris Jericho in his WrestleMania debut.

Well that pretty much ended up as the climax of Fandango instead of it being the inception. Fandango never got a real push after that and he started to drop down the ranks.

All that they needed was to keep him involved in the United States or Intercontinental title for some time but instead, Fandango was wasted in cheap matches aim for bathroom humor. He even was forced into the Total Divas which was another waste of time.

#3 Sin Cara

The reason why WWE decided to sign Mistico was because he was literally the biggest name that Mexico had to offer.

Instead of letting him do what he did in Mexico, WWE gave him a trampoline entrance and simply making the fans look like fools. There was a weird lighting for his match which made no sense and further relegated Mistico.

His skills were never showcased in WWE and Mistico soon found his gimmick take over by Hunico only because of the merchandise potential that it held.

Mistico was released recently by WWE and his run in WWE turned out to be one of the biggest flop stories in recent history.

#2 Tensai

Matt Bloom is a veteran when it comes to wrestling business. He had a long run in WWE and also had an impressive stint in Japan.

However, when WWE decided to bring him back as Tensai, they did a big mistake of not acknowledging his past. WWE presented him as an entirely new guy and insulted the intelligence of the WWE universe who knew him as Albert, and A-Train.

More ridiculously, WWE even gave him a big push which saw him defeat the lights of CM Punk and John Cena. But his character was severely lacking the backstory and the WWE fans decided to strike back with the Albert chants.

He soon ended up as a jobber and it was a character which looked like a hit in paper but never materialized in the real scenario.

#1 Corporate Kane

Kane in suit was a great idea to be precise because a monster confined in a suit that could blow up any moment and take out the whole Authority sounded so cool.

But instead of giving Kane such a direction, WWE decided to make Kane a lame figure which didn’t have any shades of his previous self. His interaction with Daniel Bryan in the suit was the only thing that WWE achieved from his corporate run.

The fact that Kane didn’t even go after the Wyatt family who took him out made matter worse and left the fans wondering what WWE is doing with their wrestler.

Getting Kane into the suit only kept an established main eventer out of the ring which ended up as a mess and still is.

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