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WWE Top 10 funniest moments (video), UFC fighter on training with CM Punk

UFC fighter Tyron Woodley said that CM Punk was awesome. - Recently AXS TV’s Inside MMA show featured UFC fighter Tyron Woodley. He spoke ab ...

News 09 Feb 2015, 19:38 IST
UFC fighter Tyron Woodley said that CM Punk was awesome.

- Recently AXS TV’s Inside MMA show featured UFC fighter Tyron Woodley. He spoke about a lot of things including how he got a chance to train with Punk at Roufusport MMA Academy. This is what he said:

“I did have a chance to train with CM Punk. CM Punk’s awesome… He’s a student of the sport. A lot of people are giving him a lot of crap. After hanging out with him for three weeks I told him ‘Anyone got a problem with CM Punk, you got a problem with me.’” A latest video of WWE Top 10 looks at WWE’s funniest moments:

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