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WWE/UFC News: Paige VanZant on potential move to WWE

Johny Payne
14 Jan 2018, 02:51 IST

Paige VanZant would love to perform in WWE
Paige VanZant would love to perform in WWE

What’s the story?

In an interview with The TSN MMA Show, Paige VanZant opened up on a potential move to the WWE.

VanZant asserted her love for the WWE and revealed that she hopes an opportunity comes up with the WWE.

In case you didn’t know…

Paige VanZant is one of the UFC’s most popular fighters today.

Having appeared on Dancing With The Stars, Paige ‘12 Gauge’ VanZant previously competed in the UFC’s Women’s Straw-Weight Division but has now moved up to Flyweight. 

The heart of the matter

One ought to note that despite her popularity, the vast majority of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) experts and fans alike are largely negative on ’12 Gauge’, and have criticized the UFC for putting their promotional machine behind Paige VanZant, pointing out how the young fighter has fallen to almost every elite combatant she’s faced in the UFC Straw-Weight Division.

Regardless, the professional wrestling community was abuzz with speculation of VanZant potentially making the transition from MMA to the world of sports-entertainment—from the UFC to the WWE—with talks of her move to WWE ruminating since 2016. When probed as to whether she’d like to compete in the WWE, VanZant stated—

"I would love to (do) something with the WWE, they are an amazing organization…Obviously, it's my love; I love some of the looks behind it, I love everything they do with these girls. It's about being beautiful and badass and I think that's something that I emulate as well and I would love to show off. So, yeah, hopefully, that opportunity does come up."

What’s next?

Paige VanZant faces Jessica-Rose Clark at UFC Fight Night 124: Stephens vs. Choi tonight. Fans can check out the preview of her big fight right HERE.

While VanZant is yet to set her WWE career into motion, MMA icon and former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey seems to be all set to debut in the WWE this year.


Author’s take

For those who don’t follow the sport of MMA, Paige VanZant is a great prospect with a ton of upside, however, may be a tad green in her overall MMA skill-set right now.

Regardless, the UFC seem to be re-building her steadily after throwing her to the sharks early in her career. VanZant is both entertaining and well-spoken—a perfect fit for the WWE. Would you like to see ’12 Gauge’ inside the octagon? Sound off in the comments!  

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