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WWE Update: Sting's return; Sting vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania?

Sting has been touted to be returning to the WWE, but no official deal has been signed as yet.



Sting: Former WCW Superstar Sting has been touted to return to the WWE any-time now, although he has not yet signed a deal with the WWE, as WWE have been dragging the issue.

WWE’s stance: Reports have suggested that WWE are in no rush to sign Sting as they do not have much interest in him featuring at the WrestleMania XXX, as they see him more suitable for a match at WrestleMania 31. Although word is that Sting himself is very keen to be in the ring with The Undertaker in this year’s premier show-piece.

Undertaker vs. Lesnar or Sting: Sting, who lives in Dallas, is willing to work over and over with The Undertaker and work out their match in private at the latter’s gym. This is what many if not all of Undertaker’s opponent’s have done over the past several years. This has been one of the reasons why matches featuring The Phenom have gone so well.

Currently, the WWE creative team want The Undertaker to clash with Brock Lesnar at the WrestleMania, although the willingness of Lesnar to put in the extra effort and several days working with Taker to work out the match is not expected to be high.

Lesnar had been selected for the match as he makes big money with limited amount of work and as he is left with only limited number of dates in his contract. If Lesnar does indeed decline to work with The Undertaker to practice their match before-hand and if Taker doesn’t wish to fight Lesnar without practice, who knows we could see a repeat of Sting vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX.

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