"I guess we will if they show up on AEW" - WWE veteran questions whether Sasha Banks and Naomi's walkout is a work  

Current Women's Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi
Current Women's Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi

WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg has shared his thoughts on the Sasha Banks and Naomi situation and whether it's a work.

The reigning WWE Women's Tag Team Champions left the arena before their scheduled match on Monday Night RAW. They were set to compete in a six-pack challenge featuring Asuka, Nikki A.S.H., Becky Lynch and Doudrop. Due to creative differences, however, they both walked out.

Speaking on the latest edition of Busted Open, Road Dogg commented on whether it might be a work:

“All I’ve heard so far are the rumors, but when I see them [WWE] publicly put it all out there like that, it just makes me feel like it’s a work, you know what I mean? It just makes me feel like, if that really happened, in my mind, they would just change the main event, and probably not even say anything. "

The Hall of Famer added that the fans will have an answer about whether the situation is a work if Naomi and Banks turn up in AEW:

"I’ve been in meetings where we’ve done worse than that. I feel like they used words like that [in the WWE statement released after RAW] to throw you and make you go like, ‘they would never use words like that.' I just think that’s how cunning and baffling sometimes the creative direction up there is. So, I don’t know, I love the discussion because I don’t know if we’ll ever get an answer – well I guess we will if they show up on AEW, I guess we’ll have an answer.” (H/T Wrestling INC.)
"I don't care about your wrestling show - this was a priority kind of thing."While discussing the walk out of @SashaBanksWWE & @NaomiWWE, @BrianRDJames recalls a similar personal experience from his time in #WWE🔊@davidlagreca1 @bullyray5150Full…

Road Dogg thinks that Naomi's exit could be a risky move for her considering her connections in WWE

Naomi is married to one-half of the SmackDown Tag team Champions Jimmy Uso, who is Roman Reigns' cousin. The Bloodline is the top faction in the entire promotion at the moment.

During the same conversation, Road Dogg explained how the entire situation could be risky for Naomi:

“Yeah, risky as far as who she’s with, where they’re at, and all of that. But I do believe they would look at her as an individual talent and not lump her and [Jimmy] Uso together. But it is risky for her because what’s going to happen after this? Maybe she’s done. Maybe she don’t want to work no more. They’ve got to be doing well.”
After what transpired on #WWERaw, where do you see this going?#WWE #SashaBanks #Naomi

Sasha Banks and Naomi are yet to comment on the situation. WWE released a statement on the matter, stating that both stars left their titles in John Laurinaitis' office before their exit.

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