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What did Shane McMahon say that wasn't shown on camera?

Shane McMahon stole the show with what is probably one of the greatest returns of all time

News 23 Feb 2016, 19:33 IST
The crowd chanted ’You still got it’ and we couldn’t agree more (image courtesy

The faithful know that the RAW after a PPV is always a must-watch. And today’s episode raised the bar in that regard. While most would’ve expected a clue as to whom the Undertaker would face or a little direction in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture, none in their wildest dreams would’ve expected hearing ‘Hear comes the money’ again.

Shane made the crowd go insane as he Ali-shuffled his way to the ring and stole Stephanie’s thunder, embarrassing his father as well while at it. He then dropped a bombshell – he wanted control of RAW.

Not to be shown up, Vince stipulated that if Shane beat the Undertaker at WrestleMania 32, he could have what he wanted. But what happened after didn’t air on RAW. We suspect it was because of Shane’s anatomical reference, which was a pleasurable throwback to the Attitude Era. Here’s the video:

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