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WWE WrestleMania 31: The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt - Thoughts & Analysis

Ehtesham Sait
2.60K   //    14 Mar 2015, 19:20 IST
WM 31 – Bray Wyatt vs The Undertaker

It has been nearly a year since we have seen the Undertaker after his 21-0 streak was broken by the Reigning, Defending, Undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World, Brock Lesnar. The match stunned the WWE Universe and it seemed like it was the last we would see of the Undertaker, but then came WWE Fast Lane.

The lights went off, Undertaker’s theme hit, and the crowd cheered. The Droids rolled out a casket which was expected to hold the Undertaker, but to the whole WWE Universe’s surprise, held the Eater of Worlds, Bray Wyatt. And so it was created, a dream matchup, Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt.

Win for Taker very unlikely?

Honestly, this match confuses me. WWE emphasised on the Streak being the Undertaker and the Undertaker being the Streak, meaning when the streak would end, so would the Undertaker, and that is what we all expected, but it seems The Undertaker has one more chapter in his book to write before he retires. Now like any match, this one has three outcomes: a win for Taker meaning a loss for Bray, a win for Bray meaning a loss for Taker, or a no result.

A win for the Undertaker is a very unlikely outcome. It is still very much possible that Taker walks out of WrestleMania 31 with a win ending his legendary career and proving that the Streak never defined him. WrestleMania 32 is held in Undertaker’s home which would be a great place for him to get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Now this sounds great and jolly but we have to consider what this means for Bray Wyatt’s future. Last WrestleMania, he lost to Cena which significantly reduced his momentum and I don’t think Wyatt can afford to encounter another match where his momentum is reduced. Another thing to consider in this match is that unlike many rivalries, this one will last only one night.

This rivalry won’t continue with a set of rematches before ending therefore increasing the significance of this one match at WrestleMania. It has crossed my mind that WrestleMania 31 for the Undertaker can just be a skipping stone for WrestleMania 32. This could just mean Undertaker quickly takes care of Bray and interferes in either Sting’s or Brock’s match costing them their match which will also set the stage for WrestleMania 32.

Bray Wyatt to become the undisputed face of fear?

The second and most probable outcome is Bray Wyatt picking up the win. This is my favourite outcome as this gives Bray the push he needs and very well deserves. He will be the undisputed face of evil and the face of fear.

But then again what does this mean for the Undertaker? Well, he will walk out of WWE with two losses at WrestleMania, which doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing. This loss could be to set the stage for WrestleMania 32 with either Brock or Sting interfering in his match costing him the match.

Another possibility to emphasise Bray becoming the undisputed face of fear is a transfer of powers. This match has another element that most matches don't have, it has a supernatural element, and that element can play a huge role in the outcome. The match could end with Bray and Undertaker face to face in the ring after a long brawl between the two superstars.

Bray Wyatt could use his “mind games” to control the Undertaker, making the Undertaker go down on one knee and “transfer” the power from the Undertaker to Bray enabling Bray to hit the Sister Abigail and picking up the win. I would love to see that happen and rumours suggest it just may. Bray Wyatt needs this win after his loss to John Cena at WrestleMania 30 which really affected his momentum.

Another main reason I would love to see Bray win is he will be only one of two people to beat the Undertaker. The importance of this can be easily underrated. You see, the legacy of the Streak no longer lives with the Undertaker, but is now with Brock Lesnar. The man who conquers the conquerer will forever hold on to the legacy of the Streak and because of that whoever beats Brock must be the undisputed future. Seeing that it is Roman Reigns who is going to beat Brock and that I am not a fan of Roman I would love to see Bray beat Undertaker to be another man who carries the ‘Taker’s legacy. Everyone should expect Bray to beat ‘Taker. 

A No result would be benefitting for both the superstars

The least probably is the third outcome: No result. This match has that supernatural element to play with as I mentioned earlier, therefore pushing my imagination to extents where I wouldn’t be able to write about it. This could easily play out as a double count out, double KO, or as supernatural as a lightning bolt hitting the ring and both men disappear.

But even as the least probable outcome we need to focus on what it could mean for the superstars. Assuming it was the lightening that took them out, for Undertaker this could be his goodbye, we never see him after this as a lightning bolt takes him out causing a lot of rumours to fly in the IWC.

For Bray, on the other hand, this could be the one thing he needs to set himself up as the next face of fear. He could make claims that he called for that lightning, that he controlled it, and that he wiped out the Undertaker. If WWE continues this storyline then after a few weeks of Bray claiming to have captured Undertaker’s soul can messages from the Undertaker reappear showing that he is not dead and that he will return.

This could set the stage for something like SummerSlam. All possibilities sound great and I guess we will have to wait for WrestleMania to see what happens. This match will be one to remember as it will be the time to showcase the old and new face of fear. At WrestleMania the man comes around.

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