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5 Things I learned from WrestleMania III (1987)

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The match that made WrestleMania.

WrestleMania 3 is the one people always talk about. It is the show that made WrestleMania the famous event that it is today. It had over 93,000 fans pack the Silverdome in Detroit to see one of the most famous matches of all time: Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant for the WWE Championship. It felt big even when watching it nearly 30 years later.

In my experience of watching the earliest WrestleManias, this was a joy to watch. It clearly was the highlight of the early WrestleManias. It helped it had likely one of the best matches of the 1980s as well.

With all of this in mind, I present my list of the top five things I learned from WrestleMania 3:

#5 This is the first WrestleMania to feel like one



Wow, this is what is what WrestleMania should look like.

The first two WrestleManias felt small. Quick matches and way too many celebrities put a damper on what could have been wrestling’s biggest party. That was not the case here.

The opening shot was a wide shot of the arena. Wow, that building was completely full and led to an amazing visual. This was the first WrestleMania that felt grand. That continued with Aretha Franklin singing “America the Beautiful”. It sounds great to open the show in a big way. The first time a celebrity was utilised properly.

This show had other nice touches to make it feel big. It was the first WrestleMania to have hype packages showing the history of the major feuds. It had lots of backstage promos to hype especially the main event.

My favourite touch was the small rings that wrestlers went in as most of them were transported to the ring. It was a logical choice but also made the entrance seem grand and special too. The tagline for this show was “Bigger! Badder! Better!” It certainly showed that for the first time here. It seemed big. It seemed like WrestleMania.

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