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5 Wrestlers who were jobbers before they were superstars

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Some of WWE’s biggest stars were jobbers before they were famous

George South was one of the greatest “jobbers” to ever get in a wrestling ring. Heel or babyface, he knew his job and did it well. For years, he spent time in the NWA and WCW taking bumps, getting knocked around and losing match after match. Ric Flair even referred to him as one of his all-time favorites.

The role of the “jobber” isn’t the lowly position you might think of in today’s business. The role is exactly what it sounds like – to do a “job” to help put the popular talent over as superstars. It takes a special kind of performer to make someone like Flair or Randy Savage look good week after week. While we talk about some of the best jobbers in the business from time to time – which include Barry Horowitz, “Wild” Bill Snyder and even the Mulkeys, there are some superstars who started their careers in the same role of wrestlers who helped to make them famous.

This is a list of five superstars who rose to fame in the business but filled the role of jobber before they attained superstar status.

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