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WWE/Wrestling News: Asuka is now ranked as the wrestler with the highest win percentage

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WWE isn't the only one keeping track of Asuka's impressive win collection...
WWE isn't the only one keeping track of Asuka's impressive win collection...

What's the story?

Asuka, the newest signee to WWE’s RAW roster, has been one of the best-booked wrestlers in modern history, especially vis-à-vis her undefeated streak. In fact, she has now been ranked by as the wrestler with the highest win percentage of any wrestler performing for any major promotion.

In case you didn't know... is an online website affiliated with the Wrestling Observer and acts as a database of sorts when it comes to recording data on wrestling from a more unbiased perspective.

Although the star ratings for matches themselves are known to be based (mostly) on Dave Meltzer’s own opinion, the actual data that’s added to the website – including wins and losses – is not.

Asuka, meanwhile, has been with WWE since August 2015 and has been on the receiving end of one of the most substantial pushes in modern wrestling history. She is considered undefeated on WWE television and only relinquished the NXT Women’s Championship due to an injury she suffered while she was the champion.

The heart of the matter

As of November 4th, 2017, Asuka has surpassed The Ultimate Warrior as the wrestler with the highest win percentage. Asuka’s win percentage is at a staggering 89.5349%, which is based on 258 recorded matches. 

Meanwhile the Ultimate Warrior – who was once reviled for being a backstage politician that politicked his way into winning more matches than he lost – has the second-highest percentage at 88.4615%, which is based on 156 recorded matches.

The majority of top wrestlers from around the world usually win between 59% and 69% of their matches, with few wrestlers going beyond the 75% mark. Some of the more interesting statistics include:

·        John Cena: 76.7390% (based on 1,337 matches)

·        Neville: 69.0511% (based on 685 matches)

·        The Undertaker: 68.3168% (based on 808 matches)

·        Roman Reigns: 67.8088% (based on 887 matches)

·        CM Punk: 59.5238% (based on 1,050)

What's next?

Asuka made short work of a jobber on the most recent episode of Monday Night RAW, and is set to be a fixture of the RAW women’s division for the time being. Based on the most recent rumours, her undefeated streak will from NXT onto the main roster, which means that this win percentage is only going to increase.

Author's take

Asuka winning so much is a fantastic way for WWE to actually sell her as a credible threat and as a legitimately dangerous wrestler to an audience that might still be unfamiliar to her. While WWE isn’t likely to recognize this particular statistic – probably because it isn’t one of their own – it does help elevate Asuka’s credibility as a performer.

Even if wrestling is scripted and the winner of the match is decided beforehand, it does make Asuka look like much more of a badass knowing she won so many matches because she’s just that good, instead of using politics to keep her win percentage to high.

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