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WWE/MMA News: Kickboxing World Champion Katya "Dominator" Kavaleva is WWE bound

The 6'5 ft beauty will soon leave her mark in WWE.

Katya is on the path to Superstardom

Standing 6’5 ft, Katya “Dominator” Kavaleva is one of the toughest female MMA artists in the world. WMMA Rankings reveals that the Kickboxing World Champion is headed to WWE in 2017 as she has been invited for WWE Tryouts from Feb 1 to 4.

Kavaleva, who trains at Blackzilians, is set to join WWE in 2017. The WWE is said to be very interested in the 6’5 ft fighter, who has been dominating the MMA world of late. With her marketable image and natural athletic ability, it comes as no doubt that the promotion is interested.

If Kavaleva clears the Tryouts that is to be conducted between February 1 to 4, she is definitely bound to Superstardom.

When asked about the opportunity, Kavaleva told WMMA Rankings the following.

“I am so so excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity to tryout for the most amazing entertainment company. I want to show people my true inner person. Yes I am big and strong and sometimes can be a little crazy. I guess I am like a real life Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde I can be sweet soft and real woman like but in an instant can snap and power-bomb someone through the ring! I am mostly today just feeling honoured to even have this chance to be in the same ring as legends“.

Given WWE’s current interest in the MMA fighters like Ronda Rousey & Conor McGregor, we can likely expect Kavaleva to become a WWE Superstar in no time. WWE will likely push Kavaleva big time in order to gain a foothold among the MMA fans.

Despite the likely move of Kavaleva to WWE, Kavaleva may still participate in MMA if the money is right. Brock Lesnar’s UFC exposure has given WWE more marketability and publicity, and we can expect Kavaleva to be on the same path. Very soon, we can expect this long-legged beauty to grace a WWE ring.

 Check out her sparring session with Anthony “Rumble” Johnson below. Comment and let us know if you are excited to see Katya in a WWE ring.

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