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NJPW News: Ricochet on wanting to be the Intercontinental Champion, his moves being copied on 205 Live and more

The NJPW star wishes to work with the NXT brand in 2017.

Ricochet is among the most popular pro-wrestling stars at present

New Japan Pro Wrestling star Ricochet recently spoke to Sports Illustrated about his intention to become an Intercontinental Champion in 2017, someone on 205 Live ripping off his moves, AJ Styles’ success in the WWE and a number of other things.

On being asked about what his goals were for the upcoming year, the 28-year old said that he wished to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship and considered it to be exceeding his goal. He also expressed the desire to work with the NXT brand but wants to focus on NJPW at the moment and winning the promotion’s Junior Heavyweight title.

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This is what the one-time NJPW 'Best of the Super Juniors' tournament winner had to say:

“I would love to be Intercontinental champion in 2017. That would be exceeding my goal. I’ve met Triple H a couple times, and he and William Regal are awesome guys. I would love to be with NXT. I feel like the Performance Center has a bunch of tools that I could benefit from – all the classes they have available could make me better.

I don’t have a contract at the moment, but I want to focus on New Japan. It’s a super cool place, it’s gaining steam, especially with AJ and Nakamura coming from there to WWE. And I really want that junior heavyweight belt.”

Ricochet was also questioned about his recent comments on Twitter that his moves had been copied by a performer on 205 Live. In response, he said that there is not much to do if someone does that other than trying to perfect what you are doing more and more. Here’s what ‘The Future of Flight’ stated:

“There’s nothing you can do about it when someone takes your stuff. Everything in wrestling has been borrowed, but this was a certain sequence of moves I put into a combination. There’s nothing you can do about it, but it’s not what you do – it’s how you do it. I’m going to keep doing the same stuff I’m trying to perfect.”

Asked if he was surprised at how quickly current WWE champion AJ Styles had adapted to the company, he denied it and said that he is pleased to see him in the WWE as he did not expect it to ever happen. He also claimed that ‘The Phenomenal One’ has been the best in the business over the past decade or so.

“I wasn’t surprised at all. It’s just awesome to see him there, and for a while, I thought it was never going to happen. I’m not surprised at how quick he caught on because he’s legitimately the best in the last ten years – maybe Kenny Omega was better than him this year, but for the last decade, AJ Styles has been the best,” Ricochet told Sports Illustrated.

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