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WWE/ROH News: Marty Scurll on being inspired by Daniel Bryan, wanting to work with the WWE and more

'The Villain' also spoke about fellow British wrestler Will Ospreay.

Scurll has enjoyed early success at ROH

Ring of Honor World Television Champion Marty Scurll recently spoke with Sports Illustrated about his intention to work in the WWE, how Daniel Bryan has been an inspiration for him, his opinion about fellow British wrestler Will Ospreay and a number of other things.

Referring to himself by his nickname, ‘The Villain’, Scurll explained how retired WWE superstar and current SmackDown general manager, Daniel Bryan, inspired him with the work that he did as a Ring of Honor star. He added that Bryan is the best wrestler ever and he wishes to follow in his footsteps.

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This is what the 28-year old athlete had to say:

“The Villain doesn’t really have any heroes, as such, but as someone I looked up to more than anyone else and was influenced by, it was the ‘American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson. Daniel Bryan is the reason I wanted to come to Ring of Honor.

I watched all those years and saw his body of work in Ring of Honor, and it appealed to me so much. I was just in awe of his work. For me, he’s the best wrestler of all time. I’d love to follow in Bryan Danielson’s footsteps in Ring of Honor and go even further, then get knighted by the queen, which I shall do.”

About a possible move to the WWE, ‘The Villian’ said that although he was completely concentrating on ROH at the moment, he felt that it would be a great honour for him to work with the company. However, he expressed concerns on whether he will receive enough mic time there to tell his story or not. He stated:

“Right now, I’m very much concentrated on conquering Ring of Honor piece by piece. The WWE has the largest amount of eyes on it and is the biggest wrestling company in the world. It would be a huge honor for myself to work there, but am I going to be given the same ‘Villain’ mic time? I’ve got a story to tell. Would I get that chance there? I don’t know. Yes, it would lead to more eyes, but will it be the character I want to get out there?”

Another popular UK-based wrestler, Will Ospreay, also signed up for Ring of Honor at nearly the same time as Marty Scurll and was the one from whom the latter took away the ROH World Television title. Speaking about Ospreay, Scurll referred to him as a little troll who lives on rat water and said that if he thinks of himself as a British superman, ‘The Villain’ is his kryptonite.

“End of the day, mate, Will Ospreay is a little troll that lives on rat water. When I say rat water, I mean these people. I’m not defined by if the people like me or not, I’m not fussed by that. He might think like he’s some kind of British superman, but I’m telling you right now, I’m his friggin’ kryptonite,” Marty Scurll told Sports Illustrated.

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