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WWE/TNA News: MVP discusses WWE, TNA, Lucha Underground and more

Will we ever see the King of Bling back in WWE?

What’s in store for the Franchise Playa?

What’s the story?

Former WWE and TNA Superstar Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) was interviewed by WSVN-TV entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet of the Deco Drive Show on Channel 7 / Fox-Miami about his time in TNA, WWE, Lucha Underground, and more. You can watch the interview below:

The interview came after his match at Brain Buster Pro Wrestling and MVP said he had nothing bad to say about the WWE, but he isn’t really open to a possible WWE return.

 “I can do what I do now because of the opportunity that Vince gave me and then when I wanted to leave, he said 'cool. come back when you're ready.' I have nothing but respect for Vince and WWE but it's kind of like that really hot girlfriend that you used to date and everyone was into. When she's on your arm everybody is like 'woah! He's with her!' but she farts in her sleep too. She has her flaws. Everybody else doesn't know that and when you go your separate ways there is no animosity, no hard feelings."

In case you didn’t know...

Though most known for his time as a WWE Superstar, MVP did make a few appearances for TNA in 2003 before he was signed to a WWE developmental contract for Deep South Wrestling. He would debut on the main roster in 2006 and would win the United States Championship twice before his departure in 2010.

He would go on to wrestle for other companies, including New Japan Pro Wrestling where he became the inaugural IWGP Intercontinental Champion after defeating Kazuchika Okada and Tetsuya Naito to win the tournament in 2011.

The Heart of the Matter

In his interview with Vliet, MVP also explained that he was released from TNA in 2015 because of someone else blaming him for their shortcomings.

"An executive there made a bad decision. He screwed up and fired me for his mistake. I've always said that I don't have any animosity towards TNA; the production crew, the locker room, everybody was great. You just have some really poor management."

MVP also said that he was supposed to be a wrestler for Lucha Underground, but added that he was going to have a completely different gimmick.

“I was going to change my whole style. I was really investing in the character because it was a challenge. For the first time I'm going to be back in the ring but not as MVP but as a different character”

Many fans hoped that men like MVP, Carlito, and other popular former WWE Superstars would’ve been brought back to the company for the brand split. Those fans theorised that the WWE wasn’t contacting them simply because they didn’t wish to.

However, in the case of MVP, fans now know that MVP is the one who currently wishes not to return to the WWE. During his interview, he said he preferred not to wrestle under contract due to the freedom he has with his current schedule.

“I don't necessarily want to sign a contract anywhere anymore. I'm a father now and I have a 2-year old boy. I only work on the weekends, I make my own schedule and I get to spend time with him.

What’s next?

MVP is currently enjoying his time on the indy scene, so he’s likely not to go to either WWE or TNA anytime soon. If you want to see the King of Bling in a ring again, it is best to check the indy scene for him first.

Sportskeeda’s take

MVP could definitely be an asset to the WWE since they brought the Brand Split back, but the fact remains that he’s happy where he’s at now and won’t be back in any major company anytime soon.

MVP is wrestling in Florida so maybe there’s a chance he could wrestle in NXT a few times; similar to how WWE Superstars like Rhyno and Rob Van Dam have, but it’s more likely that the next time you see The Franchise Playa will probably be at an indy show.

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