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WWE/TNA News: The Hardys ask Tag Team Champions around the world to man up and accept their challenge

17 Jan 2017, 20:20 IST
Are they the greatest tag team in all of space and time?

What’s the story

‘Broken’ Matt Hardy’s brilliance is shining brighter every passing day. The seven deities have been whispering in his ears a lot more than usual and as usual, Matt listened to them this time too.

A recent video promo posted by The Hardys on Monday night, saw them challenge the gold bearers of other promotions. The Hardys asked the Tag Team Champions around the world to man up and accept their challenge.

You can check out their announcement below:

In case you didn’t know...

Ever since the debut of ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy, things have been interesting in the Hardy Compound. Their unique gimmick and mindblowing shenanigans are a breath of fresh air in the stereotypical pro-wrestling community. Recently, they proved to the world that they are the best tag teams on the planet by winning the Tag Team Apocalypto. 

After proving to the world that they are the best tag team ‘in all of time and space’ by defeating other teams at the Tag Team Apocalypto, The Hardys are now on a mission to capture the gold from other promotions too.

They have been throwing challenges to the gold bearers in other wrestling promotions to wrestle them and interestingly enough fans are eager to watch such matches.


The heart of the matter

On Monday night, The Hardys went live on Facebook and challenged the gold bearers of other promotions like WWE and ROH. They stated that no one controls them and announced that they go where they wish.

They stated that the seven deities have asked them to prove that they are the greatest tag team in all of space and time and vowed to even appear on WWE if they must.

The Hardys then officially challenged each and every tag team in all the major promotions, including Sheamus and Cesaro, American Alpha and The Bucks of Youth (The Young Bucks). ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy then told all the three teams to ‘Man Up’ and accept their challenge.

He ended the promo by stating that he would travel to any promotion and render any tag team obsolete.

What’s next?

It is highly unlikely that any of these matches will happen, given that the major promotions usually shy away from these kinds of bouts. But, this sort of constant teasing from Matt Hardy makes one wonder if there is something being cooked up for WrestleMania like a one-off appearance from the Broken One. 

Sportskeeda’s take

Matt Hardy’s renaissance has revolutionised the industry to a whole new level. Regardless of where they wrestle, The Hardys are succeeding to turn the eyes of the world in their direction and it is only a matter of time before the WWE bows to the inevitable and brings them back to where they started.

Until then, let’s sit back and enjoy their shenanigans while their creative freedom lasts.

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