WWF 'Thursday RAW Thursday' Review: February 13th, 1997

  • Shawn Michaels drops a huge bombshell in front of the entire WWE Universe which indirectly shapes up The Attitude Era as we know it...
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Last week, we witnessed WWF’s first ever 2-hour RAW telecast. The show itself was titled ROYAL RUMBLE RAW. Fans were baited into watching it in hopes to see a full-length Royal Rumble Match on free TV. Instead of that, the viewers had to witness some dark & fuzzy Toronto house-show footage with Royal Rumble ‘highlights’ added as a filler in between. It was okay…

For those who have no idea about what went down during last week’s show, (3rd February 1997) you can check my exclusive recap by clicking here.

Boy, do things pick up this week. Keep in mind that this week’s show- ‘Thursday RAW Thursday’ plays a huge role in shaping out the future of The Attitude Era.

So without wasting any further time, let’s get right into the hook- It is announced that Shawn Michaels will be vacating his WWF Title tonight.



1) Hunter Hearst Helmsley (c) vs. Rocky Maivia {WWF Intercontinental Championship Match}.

2) The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) vs. Aldo Montoya & Bob Holly.

3) The Undertaker vs. Savio Vega (w/ Nation of Domination).

4) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Psycho Sid.

5) Owen Hart & The British Bulldog (c) vs. Farooq & Crush (w/ Nation of Domination) {WWF Tag Team Championship Match}.

6) Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. Vader (w/ Paul Bearer).

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Hunter Hearst Helmsley (but not Triple H) & Rocky Maivia (but not The Rock)

'Thursday RAW Thursday' is where it all starts between Triple H & The Rock.

MATCH #1: HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY (c) vs. ROCKY MAIVIA {WWF Intercontinental Championship Match}.

This is where it all actually starts between Triple H & The Rock. Sure, both of them are way too under-experienced in this case, but it’s an important fact considering their long-lasting rivalry nevertheless.

The match starts off with both of them switching back & forth between quick technical moves. But then it slows down…& then it gets slower…& slower…& slower.

Keep in mind that this is a match which is opening for the night, & the last thing you want to do is put someone in a headlock for a full minute.

People start chanting ‘Rocky!’ hoping that this submission-fest gets over as soon as possible. Rocky gains the upper hand…& now he’s the one doing headlocks! So the crowd immediately turns on him, chanting ‘Rocky sucks!’


Even Jerry Lawler is so distracted that he can’t stop talking about Hunter’s $20,000 Rolex watch. Honky Tonk Man comes out, dressed in his ‘Elvis’ attire & joins the commentary booth. Honky Tonk Man states that he’s not impressed by anything he’s seen so far. He also comically addresses Vince McMahon as ‘MaacMaan!’ the whole time.

HHH can’t get the job done after executing a piledriver (& a middle-rope suplex). So Hunter finally goes for The Pedigree. But Rocky Maivia is so exhausted that he can’t even stand on his two feet.

Good ol’ Helmsley decides to showboat in the meanwhile. Turns out, by doing so he made a grave mistake, as Rocky seizes the opportunity & rolls up HHH for a quick pin. 1,2…3! Rocky Maivia is your new Intercontinental Champion!


Rocky Maivia is your new WWF Intercontinental Champion!
Rocky Maivia is your new WWF Intercontinental Champion!

Nobody really expected ‘The Rookie Sensation’ to win the title here. But he did. The audience isn’t sold on Rocky Maivia though. They probably never will be…until he becomes The Rock.

The match itself was okay. Nothing special. Both of these men haven’t reached their full potential yet. Oh, & did I ever mention that Shawn Michaels would be vacating the WWF Title tonight? Things are slowly getting interesting…

RESULT: Rocky Maivia is the new WWF Intercontinental Champion!

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