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WWE Survivor Series

WWE News: Survivor Series will return to Canada for the first time after the infamous Montreal Screwjob Will this year's Survivor Series have another epic moment?
WWE News: Bret Hart believes UFC is better than the WWE 'The Hitman' made some very valid points
Insider report on the Kane & Undertaker - Wyatts program, who else was discussed? Reports indicate the lack of enthusiasm backstage among the WWE officials right from the start, which blew up into something that was common
WWE TLC 2015: 5 Things that should happen at the pay-per-view
Huge double turn plans nixed by Vince McMahon, backstage news on Reigns, The Rock to be honored Huge nixed plans for Rollins and Roman Reigns, The Rock's huge honor
5 Reasons why Sheamus is the right champion for WWE
Sheamus is the Right champion to weather the storm If WWE was searching for Seth Rollins’ replacement, they found an upgrade. There’s nothing cute or ironic about Sheamus the antagonist
Ziggler praises New Day, WWE producer responds to Twitter haters, HHH praises The Undertaker Former WWE star and current producer ‘Road Dogg’ BG James was quite active on social media on the night WWE Survivor Series aired
Exclusive: "Will come to India as the WWE Champion" - New WWE World Champion Sheamus Sheamus talked about his upcoming visit to India and much more during the media call
10 Things you probably did not know about Sheamus
Survivor Series 2015 - 5 Points to note
Legend predicts the new Champion, WWE star feeds homeless and more Legend predicts the new Champion, WWE star feeds homeless and more
WWE Survivor Series 2015: Armageddon is about to happen Missed the plot this time around Fifteen years ago, I wouldn’t have thought for a second that a WWE pay-per-view event would fail miserably. ...
Negative backstage reactions to Rollins' lengthy absence, original plans for the Architect Are you freaking kidding me! WWE’s perspective of it’s respective stars is always a major topic of discussion and we usually get an id ...
5 Interesting facts and stats about Undertaker
Top 5 opponents CM Punk faced during his historic 434 day championship run
5 Immediate challengers for Alberto Del Rio's US title
Update on the potential ISIS attack at Survivor Series, Triple H' statement on the situation Will Survivor Series go ahead as planned?
WWE Top 5 Rumors of the week and analysis: 22 November, 2015
5 Great upsets in Survivor Series history
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