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WWE Clash of Champions

WWE News: Cesaro frustrated about his position on Monday Night RAW

Cesaro not satisfied with the way he's being used.

WWE News: TJ Perkins makes a young fan's night

TJP just got a brand new fan!

WWE News: Update on Seth Rollins' rib injury

The Architect narrowly escaped a major injury

WWE News: Original creative plans for Clash Of Champions revealed

Clash Of Champions was planned with a different idea in mind.

Kevin Owens: Building the Legacy of the WWE Universal Championship

Kevin Owens is still the WWE Universal Champion, and he is the right man to build the title

Roman Reigns' US Title win at Clash of Champions marks an interesting statistic for The Shield

No other faction in WWE history can lay claim to this same statistic - not nWo, Evolution, or DX.

5 New WWE records after Clash of Champions 2016

Brand new records were made at the first Raw PPV- Clash of Champions, with Charlotte featuring twice.

WWE Clash of Champions 2016: Analysing and grading each match

Where was Triple H?

WWE Raw Preview: 26 September, 2016

There are a lot of things that needs to be sorted out after Clash of Champions.

WWE News: Cesaro injured after his match at Clash Of Champions?

Cesaro landed on his head at Clash Of Champions. Ouch!

WWE Clash Of Champions 2016: 5 Unseen moments you may have missed

A fan's gesture while Roman Reign made his entrance encapsulates what the IWC thinks of the new United States Champion.

What happened after Clash Of Champions 2016 went off air?

Indianapolis showed a lot of love to The Architect after his unsuccessful challenge of the Universal Championship

Best and Worst of WWE Clash of Champions 2016

This was a near-perfect show with solid wrestling and very few complaints.

WWE Rumours: Seth Rollins possibly injured at WWE Clash Of Champions 2016

Seth Rollins might have injured his ribs during his match against Kevin Owens at WWE Clash of Champions 2016.

5 Booking options for Roman Reigns post Clash of Champions

Who will Roman Reigns face following his United States Championship win over Rusev at Clash of Champions?

WWE Clash of Champions 2016: 5 Things that went wrong at the PPV

It was a good show that could have been a great show. Here are a few things WWE got wrong

5 Reasons why Triple H didn't appear at Clash Of Champions

The Game left many surprised when he didn't appear at Clash of Champions, and here's why.

Roman Reigns crowned as the new WWE United States Champion at WWE Clash of Champions 2016

Roman Reigns captures another championship, and this time it's not the world title

WWE Clash Of Champions 25th September, 2016 results, winners and video highlights

Relive WWE Clash of Champions with all the results, action and highlights

Clash of Champions 2016: Last minute predictions for the PPV

Two new Champions to be crowned, while two Champions will retain their titles due to Disqualification.
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