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Alberto Del Rio Biography & Latest News

Alberto Del Rio Biography

Alberto Rodriguez, better known to wrestling fans as Alberto Del Rio, is a Mexican professional wrestler. Before entering the world of professional wrestling, he was a member of the Mexican national team in Greco-Roman wrestling. He wears an adorned mask while wrestling and he also competed in the world of Mixed Martial Arts while wearing a modified version of the mask. He has competed in the Pride Fighting Championship, one of the most prestigious organizations in the world of MMA. In 2007, he ended the nearly three-year CMLL World Heavyweight Championship reign of Universo 2000 and held that honour for nearly 500 days before losing the title to Ultimo Guerrero. On June 17, 2009, Rodriguez confirmed that he had signed a three-year contract with WWE, heading straight to the roster. In 2010, Alberto Del Rio made his debut on WWE television by appearing in multiple vignettes as a Mexican aristocrat. He was flooded with the spotlight after he defeated Rey Mysterio in his very first televised match. He won the WWE Championship at SummerSlam, beating CM Punk. In October 2011, he beat John Cena and CM Punk in a Hell in a Cell Match and was once again crowned champion. Alberto Del Rio made his return at a WWE house show in San Francisco on February 11, 2012, arm wrestling Sheamus to a no-contest.

Alberto Del Rio Latest News & Articles

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WWE News: Alberto Del Rio returning to AAA

Alberto El Patron returns to AAA after a year

WWE / TNA Rumours: Alberto Del Rio headed to TNA?

TNA are in a hot pursuit for the former WWE World Champion

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5 career highlights of Alberto Del Rio in WWE

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Previous reports on Paige quitting may not be fully true, or rather, may not be true just yet.

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