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10 Best WWE theme songs of all time


With the help of friends, I narrow down what is the top ten WWE theme songs of all time!

Undertakers’s theme song is iconic

Music can heal almost all wounds, but yet it can elicit emotions like no other. WWE is no exception. A Superstar’s theme music is a huge part of their overall character. The music gets fans going, makes them groan. The music can have you in tears, cheering or booing. The music made you feel better, or it made you angry depending on whom it was. However, most of the theme songs are catchy and cool.

I remember the struggle of trying to find WWE: The Music CDs growing up in my teens. There was no Amazon at that time, or the idea of downloading music from the Internet (I am telling my age).  Furthermore, the struggle was real when I would play my WWF tapes on my parents’ TV and turned on the stereo system to record songs onto the cassette tape (Again, I am telling my age here). When the WWF CDs were available, my brother and I bought them, would copy them on my computer and make our own CD mixes.

Today, fans download the music effortlessly and it is a part of their playlists.  Fans even have WWE theme songs as their ringtone on their cell phones. I am guilty of the ringtone part, mine is currently Sasha Banks’ theme song. Fans dreamed/reenacted of coming out to the same theme music as their favorite Superstars (don’t lie, you did). The theme music of WWE got you going in so many ways. I can’t even document them all.

Between composers Jim Johnston and CFO$, they have created some of the best theme music for WWE Superstars. There are so many theme songs that we all like. I initially chose this blog thinking that this would be completely easy. I thought I can list my favourites and be done. After initial thought, I knew I wouldn’t I have done this piece justice if I just listed what I personally liked. But once I began thinking of what I wanted to do, it dawned on me that this was more complicated than I thought. Years and years of theme songs swirled through my brain and I knew I couldn’t do this alone. 

I enlisted help from my friends in real life and on Facebook to help me decide what are the ten best WWE Theme Songs of All Time? I got a variety of answers, which immensely helped shape the direction of this piece. Of course, through this list is going to be comprised of both classic and newer theme songs. I mean, we do have great taste after all! I kid, but seriously onto the fun now, shall we?

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