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10 WWE kisses that shocked the world

  • The WWE industry has never been short of entertainment and some kissing incidents have added more flavour to it.
Akshay Bapat
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Modified 17 Jul 2019, 13:14 IST

The WWE universe has seen its fair share of in-ring romance!
The WWE universe has seen its fair share of in-ring romance!

Over the years, there have been more than several incidents involving a plethora of WWE superstars and divas locking lips. The nature of these kisses have been different. Some of them were culminations of a romantic storyline, some were the genesis of a love triangle.

Some of them involved betrayal while some occurred merely for comic relief. Some had emotion, passion and genuine affection. There have been recurring themes of desire and lust. There have been one-shot instances which may or may not have been forgotten about, unless people are reminded about them years removed in one of such lists.

The reason for incorporation of kisses in storylines on WWE programming is quite simple. It has the ability to evoke countless reactions and responses from the fans worldwide. It can make ratings pop. It helps to add layers to the characters. It makes men yearn and women fawn.

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However, every once in a while here have been moments which left professional wrestling fans in awe and made their jaws drop. Here, we take a look at 10 WWE kisses that shocked the world.

#10 Beth Phoenix kisses The Great Khali

The Glamazon planting one on the Punjabi giant!
The Glamazon planting one on the Punjabi giant!

After spending his first couple of years in the WWE, The Great Khali adopted a more fun-loving persona of the ‘Punjabi playloy’. The scthick involved Khali in segments where women would be given an opportunity to lock lips with the Punjabi wrestler called ‘The Great Khali Kiss Cam’.

During the 2010 Royal Rumble, Beth Phoenix became the second ever female competitor to enter a Royal Rumble match, entering at #6. Upon enterting the ring, The Glamazon had a stare down with the Punjabi Monster.

Khali picked her up and placed her outside the ring on the apron. Phoenix scrambling to stay in the Royal Rumble pulled Khali by his hair and planted a kiss on the 7-footer in the process eliminating him from the Royal Rumble match. Phoenix would soon be eliminated by CM Punk.


This moment got one of the biggest reactions of the night. Think about it, other than a returning Edge winning the Royal Rumble this was the most memorable moment from that Rumble match.

#9 AJ Lee kisses CM Punk

AJ Lee kisses her future real life husband CM Punk
AJ Lee kisses her future real life husband CM Punk

AJ Lee spent the last quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012 as the submissive girlfriend of World Champion Daniel Bryan. However Bryan’s constant rebuffal led to Lee turning her attention towards securing the affection of WWE Champion CM Punk.

She later transformed into a psychotic, puppy-eyed, skipping nutcase and found herself in the middle of a storyline involving CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane.

During the July 2, 2012 edition of RAW, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were on the opposite sides of a tag team match as the former, teamed with John Cena and latter with Chris Jericho. During the finish where both Punk and Bryan are down, here comes AJ, skipping around the ring.

AJ Lee brings out a table setting it up near the ringside. She slowly climbs the turnbuckle, looking to jump through the table. Daniel Bryan & CM Punk both plead with her to not jump.

AJ plants a kiss on Punk, and pushes him off the turnbuckle, sending both Punk & Bryan crashing through the table. Standing on the turnbuckle, AJ starts chanting YES! to close the show. This was one of the most bizzare endings in Mondat Night RAW history

#8 Eve Torres and John Cena share a kiss

A stunned Zack Ryder watches as his friend Cena kisses his girlfriend Eve Torres
A stunned Zack Ryder watches as his friend Cena kisses his girlfriend Eve Torres

Zack Ryder accomplished more in the fall of 2011 than he ever had in his career. He became one of the most popular superstars in the company and won the United States Championship at Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2011.

He also got involved in an on-screen romantic relationship with Eve Torres. Concurrently, his ally John Cena was embroiled in a rivalry with the Big Red Monster Kane. Ryder became a punching bag for the Devil’s Favorite Demon.

On the February 13th, 2012 edition of RAW, Kane kidnapped Eve and dumped her in an ambulance. John Cena arrived on the scene and after a scuffle with Kane rescued Eve. Eve expressed her gratitude in form of a steamy kiss.

Later the camera panned to a devasted and confused wheel-chair ridden Zack Ryder, who witnessed the shock of his friend kissing the love of his life. Things went from bad to worse for Ryder as later Eve essentially friendzoned him.

#7 Lita kisses Edge

Lita betrays Kane and kisses Edge
Lita betrays Kane and kisses Edge

2005 was an interesting year in the life of Rated R Superstar Edge.

He won the inaugral Money in the Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania 21. However. behind the scenes he developed a relationship with Lita. Lita, in a kayfabe sense, was married to Kane.

Later WWE decided to integrate real life into the storyline as the trio became involved in an angle which had a major development on May 16th 2005 edition of RAW.

In a match between Edge and Kane, the finish saw the refree knocked down. Edge wanted to take advantage of this situation as he took his MITB briefcase and proceeded to hit Kane, in vain.

Later, Lita slipped the briefcase inside the ring for Edge, distracting Kane, which allowed the Ultimate Opportunist to hit the Demon with his briefcase and secure the win

The couple embraced and made out on-stage as Kane was left looking shell-shocked. Edge went on to become multiple time World Champion and was part of one of the hottest couples in WWE history with Lita. This provided for a very shocking betrayal with the exclaimation point capped off by a kiss.

#6 Vickie Guerrero kisses The Big Show

Caught red-handed!
Caught red-handed!

Vickie Guerrero, the former RAW and SmackDown General Manager, was involved in an on-screen romance with Edge for the better part of 2 years. Edge won the World Heavyweight Championship at No Way Out 2009 after forcefully inserting himself into the chamber match, having lost his WWE Championship hours prior in the structure.

RAW GM Guerrero announced that Edge would defend his newly won title against The Big Show at Wrestlemania XXV. However, during the contract signing for the same, John Cena crashed the scene and proposed to show a footage which involved Big Show and Vickie Guerrero kissing

Through that footage, Cena revealed that Show and Vickie Guerrero were having an secret adulterous affair that he caught on a security camera. Her then-husband, Edge, was was beyond shocked, Cena had blackmailed Vickie into inserting him in the World title match or else he would expose her which he later went on and did anyway.

The pair later seperated. John Cena went on to defeat both Edge and Show for the World Heavywweight Championship at Wrestlemania 25.

Look how well that worked out for John Cena

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Published 19 Oct 2016, 12:25 IST
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