10 Best WWE theme songs of all time

Undertaker’s theme song is iconic
Sarah Hirsch

Music can heal almost all wounds, but yet it can elicit emotions like no other. WWE is no exception. A Superstar’s theme music is a huge part of their overall character. The music gets fans going, makes them groan. The music can have you in tears, cheering or booing. The music made you feel better, or it made you angry depending on whom it was. However, most of the theme songs are catchy and cool.

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I remember the struggle of trying to find WWE: The Music CDs growing up in my teens. There was no Amazon at that time, or the idea of downloading music from the Internet (I am telling my age).  Furthermore, the struggle was real when I would play my WWF tapes on my parents’ TV and turned on the stereo system to record songs onto the cassette tape (Again, I am telling my age here). When the WWF CDs were available, my brother and I bought them, would copy them on my computer and make our own CD mixes.

Today, fans download the music effortlessly and it is a part of their playlists.  Fans even have WWE theme songs as their ringtone on their cell phones. I am guilty of the ringtone part, mine is currently Sasha Banks’ theme song. Fans dreamed/reenacted of coming out to the same theme music as their favorite Superstars (don’t lie, you did). The theme music of WWE got you going in so many ways. I can’t even document them all.

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Between composers Jim Johnston and CFO$, they have created some of the best theme music for WWE Superstars. There are so many theme songs that we all like. I initially chose this blog thinking that this would be completely easy. I thought I can list my favourites and be done. After initial thought, I knew I wouldn’t I have done this piece justice if I just listed what I personally liked. But once I began thinking of what I wanted to do, it dawned on me that this was more complicated than I thought. Years and years of theme songs swirled through my brain and I knew I couldn’t do this alone. 

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I enlisted help from my friends in real life and on Facebook to help me decide what are the ten best WWE Theme Songs of All Time? I got a variety of answers, which immensely helped shape the direction of this piece. Of course, through this list is going to be comprised of both classic and newer theme songs. I mean, we do have great taste after all! I kid, but seriously onto the fun now, shall we?

10: Triple H – “My Time”

Triple H’s 2000 theme song is a throwback now but was the song 16 years ago

I personally think Triple H’s 2000 theme was his best one. Of course, I love “Time to Play the Game” too, but this was just it for me. It symbolized Triple H’s emergence to icon status, and at that time he was coming to prominence. From 1997 on, Triple H skyrocketed to WWE immortality. Towards the start of the new millenium, Triple H was just getting started in terms of accomplishments in his WWE Career. 

Listening back on it, it does have that late nineties, early 2000s vibe to the song. It captures that time perfectly to me. I immediately think of both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon as it was the infancy of their relationship. For a while there, Stephanie had used it as her theme song. 

9: Bret Hart – “Hart Attack”

Bret Hart’s theme song projected a larger than life feel 

The opening guitar riff was enough to make fans go wild every single time. The song had that main event feel to it and presented Hart as a larger than life Superstar. Hart started using this theme in 1994 and currently he has used a more recent version of his theme music. 

Hart’s niece Natalya uses a remixed version of the song. While the opening riff remains the same, hers has a different beat and sound to make it her theme song. No matter how many times “Hart Attack” has been remixed, the original 1994 version will always be the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.   

8: Shinsuke Nakamura – “The Rising Sun”

Nakamura’s theme song is just as epic as his persona

Nakamura looks like an absolute rock star, so it’s a no-brainer that his entrance theme should match his massive persona. The song captures Nakamura from the rocking beginning to the Japanese sound. “The Rising Sun” also has that big, larger than life feel to it. This is the newest WWE theme song on this list. But the song itself is a fan favorite even in its infancy. 

How epic was Nakamura’s iconic entrance at NXT Takeover:  Brooklyn? The violin plays a major part in “The Rising Sun”. I can only imagine how amazing this would be played with a live band, perhaps a future WrestleMania?

7.  Hulk Hogan – “Real American”

It was only right the Hulkster was on this list

If there is one song that was an embodiment of a pro wrestler, look no further than Hulk Hogan. I remember at WrestleMania 30, it was amazing how the fans sang “Real American” in unison as Hogan came out to the ring. Grown men were immediately five years old again when their childhood hero made his presence felt. It didn’t matter what country they were from, everyone was a Real American for about three minutes. 

The message of the song is really strong, and resonates with those fans today. The “Say your prayers, take your vitamins” line went beyond that for fans of Hogan. Hogan was that hero for them, and this song justified Hogan’s character to icon status. 

6:  Legion of Doom – “What a Rush”

Oh what a rush!

You knew trouble was coming when Hawk’s voice came through those speakers. It was about to be on for the Legion of Doom, one of the greatest tag teams of all time. The music depicted their bonafide bad assery to the fullest. LOD had the look, the strength, and the talent to go along with “What a Rush”. 

I’ll always remember SummerSlam 92 when it comes to LOD. I remember them barreling down the walkway in their motorcycles as the music blared through Wembley Stadium. I just thought that was so cool. That moment was icing on the cake; picturesque if you will.    

5: Shawn Michaels – “Sexy Boy”

Michaels’ charisma and flamboyance was inspired by his classic theme song

Okay, so I may be a little biased with this one (I mean he was my first wrestling crush). But overall in his younger days, Michaels’ theme song was the epitome of The Heartbreak Kid. The lyrics were cocky and boastful, just like HBK really was at that time. The ladies loved it when Michaels danced along to the song, too. 

The song even today is still catchy and fun. Michaels may have done a complete 180 with his lifestyle since “Sexy Boy” was recorded, but it is one of the WWE theme songs that will stand the test of time. Fans may remember the one time Sensational Sherri sang the female part to the song when she managed the young Michaels. 

4: Evolution – “Line in the Sand”

Evolution’s theme song was an instant classic

This is such a cool theme song, even today. “Line in the Sand” is performed by Motorhead, who happens to be Triple H’s favorite band. This wasn’t their first WWE recording.  Motorhead has also performed Triple H’s best known theme, “Time to Play the Game”.

The song fit the stable from the prolific lyrics to capturing the very essence of who Evolution was all about. A young Randy Orton would come out to this theme even when he was wrestling solo whereas the other Evolution members had their own music. The group disbanded in 2005, but would reunite in 2014 when Orton, Triple H and Batista took on The Shield. The group even brought back the theme, which was even more awesome. 

3: Finn Balor – “Catch Your Breath”

Balor’s music and entrance are awesome

This is my current favourite theme song. I absolutely love Balor’s presentation when he makes his entrance, and this song epitomises it to the maximum. The song is dark and dramatic with theatrics weaved all in one. This theme song is Finn Balor and there isn’t a better theme song for him.

Even though Balor’s entrance is rather timely, it doesn’t matter to the fans. Balor can keep your attention, and the fans play along with the high notes right with Balor. I cannot wait until Balor makes his WrestleMania debut next year. His theme song screams WrestleMania and I am sure that he will have one of the best WrestleMania entrances of all time thanks to this song.

2: The Undertaker – “Rest in Peace”

“Rest in Peace” is just as captivating as it is iconic

Perhaps one of the most iconic WWE theme songs of all time belongs to The Phenom. Once the gong sounded the goosebumps followed. The Undertaker works with this theme so well, his mystique and presence adds so much more to this simple, yet iconic song. In later years, the song has been remixed to add in sounds such as lightening for added effect. 

Also, The Undertaker’s theme song was remixed dramatically when The Corporate Ministry came about. That was also an amazing theme song for a heel Undertaker. His theme music throughout the years symbolises evolution and that is exactly what The Phenom has done in his twenty five plus year career. 

1: Stone Cold Steve Austin – “I Won’t Do What You Tell Me”

Just about all WWE fans love Austin’s theme song

In my post on Facebook, it was obvious that this was the number one answer. And I am sure for many fans this theme song is on the top of their list too. All hell breaks loose every time that glass shatters. Fans know they are in for some hell raising and mud stomping when Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his presence felt.

The song has been doctored over the years, with minor changes. The heavy metal group Disturbed remixed the song, entitling it “Glass Shatters” in 2000. Austin would use that theme at one time until he resorted back to the original theme song in late 2001.

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