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10 Interesting Facts About WWE's Hall of Fame


Some interesting facts about the most star-studded ceremony on Wrestlemania weekend- The WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony

Come travel with us and explore WWE’s Hall of Fame

Fans in 2016 associate the WWE Hall of Fame with the glitz, glamour, allure and pizzaz of Wrestlemania Weekend. Legends who have made their name inside the squared circle are honored for a lifetime of entertaining us, making their mark across the world, and leaving a legacy for coming generations to follow. In addition to these legends, WWE also honors celebrities who’ve put wrestling on the map, and have been ambassadors for what it is essence a scripted sport. While we celebrate the achievements of these men and women, year after year, who’ve specialized in taking us into a world of action, excitement, drama and magic; let’s look into the Hall of Fame itself. How does it work, and what makes it such a coveted affair? 

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